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Chuck Jenga away and try these 5 flippin' fantastic dexterity board games instead

Dex is on fire.

The days of Jenga are past, and now the time for another dexterity board game to crown your table is nigh. As Wheels explains, sometimes it's not about great strategic ploys or quick-fire brain burn. Sometimes, you just want to check the swiftness of your digits.

Luckily, there are a multitude of awesome dexterity games to push your physical mettle. Among these is Cube Quest, wherein you line up little cuboid military units in deadly formation, before taking turns to flick them at your opponent. A simple game that is seemingly, endlessly expandable, it's guaranteed to provide ample tension and kill-worthy thrills. The goal is the end your opponent’s king. Once the ruler's swiped off the board, you win.

For more of sci-fi bent, you can check out co-operative dexterity game Flip Ships, in which you band together to protect the planet from unending firepower. Wheels describes it as what would happen if you "weaponised tiddlywinks".

Next up, Wheels explores the intersection of dexterity, and er, dungeon-crawlers, with board game Catacombs. It includes everything from liches and giant scorpions to that fantasy staple: the deadly gelatinous cube.

The scale of Catacombs is still pretty insane, with plentiful horrors and a generated dungeon to keep you occupied. In essence, you flick miniature hockey pucks. Despite its obvious simplicity, it's surprisingly deep for its genre - with individual characters to play that have unique abilities.

If the Old West appeals more than old-school fantasy, you can check out Flick 'Em Up - where those tiny hockey pucks represent bullets. You set up a little Wild West tableau, complete with cacti meeples and a cute lil' gallows, and then set about destroying it. Much like Catacombs, it's surprisingly complex in scope, as it even incorporates quick fire scenarios.

Last, but certainly not least, is Rhino Hero: Super Battle. In this dexterity title, you’ll be playing a spandex-clad rhino. Check out Wheels' explanation to learn more.

Which dexterity games have you enjoyed over the years? Let us know in the comments!

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