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Go it alone in Warp’s Edge, a single-player board game from the designer of Tiny Epic Galaxies

Flying solo.

Face overwhelming odds alone as you battle enemy starships in Warp’s Edge, the latest adventure board game from Scott Almes, the creator behind the Tiny Epic series.

A solely single-player experience, Warp’s Edge has you assuming the role of Taylor Minde, a rookie pilot trapped at the edge of a black hole and surrounded by a hostile enemy fleet. Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Taylor will need the player’s help to successfully survive the assault and take down the mothership before they are overwhelmed.

Warp’s Edge starts with the player choosing an adventure from the game’s accompanying storybook, before deciding how they want to prepare their ship for the upcoming scenario. The player begins the game with five tokens that can be assigned to enemy fighters or can enable certain positive effects for Taylor’s ship, additional tokens can also be purchased during each player turn.

Four enemy ships will then need to be laid out in front of Taylor’s vessel, with the difficulty of each unit being determined by the chosen adventure. Once the player has taken their turn the enemy fleet bombards Taylor’s ship, reducing its shields and weakening its defences. Should the ship’s shields reach zero the game ends and the player loses.

But all is not lost, because Taylor has the power to warp back in time should the situation happen to turn sour. This - when translated into gameplay terms - means that should the player ever be unable to draw five tokens from their bag, then they can choose to use a warp chance. Despite effectively resetting the enemy side, it allows them to retrieve tokens as well as gain two skill cards to use during their turn.

However, players will have to be frugal with their warp chances as they only have a limited amount to use each game, and once they’re gone players will have to destroy the mothership as soon as possible in order to win.

Warp’s Edge is the second game in the Solo Hero series from publisher Renegade Game Studios, with the first entry being a fantasy-themed dice game called Proving Grounds designed by Kane Kenko, the creator behind games such as the fantastic dexterity board game Flip Ships and Pandemic: Rapid Response, a dice-rolling spin-off from the series of hit co-op board games.

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