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Wingspan, Mystic Vale and Smash Up digital versions discounted in Steam Tabletop Gathering 2022 event

Free demos also featured.

An online event called Tabletop Gathering 2022 features discounts on digital versions of board games like Wingspan, Mystic Vale and Smash Up.

Hosted via the online PC store and platform Steam, Tabletop Gathering 2022 is an event organised by Monster Couch Studio – the developer and co-publisher behind the digital board game version of Wingspan. The event involves more than 100 developers behind digital versions of tabletop games or video games that are otherwise heavily inspired by tabletop titles.

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Dicebreaker play the digital version of Wingspan.

Featured within the event are various demos of tabletop-esque video games, which players can currently download and play for free via Steam. The event’s available demos include a video game inspired by the fantasy board game Tainted Grail: Fall of Avalon, called Tainted Grail: Conquest, a video game version of the legacy board game The King’s Dilemma – which is set to be fully released in Q1 2023 – and a digital version of Senet, a board game that originates from Ancient Egypt.

As well as demos, Tabletop Gathering 2022 also features a collection of discounted digital board games. Notable inclusions within the sale include Monster Couch Studio’s very own Wingspan Digital, a video game version of the board game about attracting various birdlife. Originally released in 2020, the video game is currently available for £8.49 ($9.57) and has players challenging each other via online or local play, or enables players to go up against an AI opponent. It was recently announced that a digital version of the Wingspan: Oceania expansion would be coming to the video game, with a set release date yet to be revealed.

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A trailer for Talisman: Digital Edition.

Other digital board games found in the Tabletop Gathering 2022 sale include Talisman: Digital Edition – currently available for £1.29 ($1.45) - a video game version of the adventure board game that has players travelling around the board in order to be the first to acquire the Crown of Command. The digital version of Smash Up, the deckbuilding game about combining two very different decks together to use against your opponent, is currently discounted for £2.59 ($2.92). Players can also get the video game version of Mystic Vale, a fantasy board game about crafting and using cards to save a druid’s homeland, is available for £5.14 ($5.79).

Tabletop Gathering 2022 is currently live, with an end date yet to be announced.

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