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Wingspan video game is getting an expansion based on the birds of Oceania

95 additional birds and an alternative player board.

The video game version of bird collecting board game Wingspan is getting an expansion based on the wildlife of the Oceania continent.

Announced via a trailer, Monster Couch, the Wingspan: Oceania Expansion is adapted from the tabletop title of the same name. The upcoming expansion for the digital board game will add 95 additional new bird cards, all of which are inspired by the birdlife found in countries such as Australia, New Zealand and the Polynesian Islands: such as the Rainbow Lorikeet, Sulphur-Crested Cockatiel and Laughing Kookaburra.

Alongside the new bird cards – each bringing their own unique benefits – there will be another resource for players to use called nectar and a set of alternative player boards for players to use.

The tabletop version of Oceania was originally released in 2020 as the second expansion for Wingspan, after that of Wingspan: Europe – which has also been adapted into an expansion for the video game. The expansion introduced nectar as a new food type, with players needing to gather the resource in order to attract certain birds, such as the Korimako, into their respective habitats. Bird cards can also give players access to nectar, which they can then use to get other bird cards.

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Oceania also features alternate player boards for players to use in their playthroughs of the beginner board game, with the three available habitats containing opportunities for players to use any acquired nectar to gain extra benefits like drawing more cards. The alternative player boards allow players to gain additional points for having the most or second most amount of nectar by the end of the game.

Wingspan Digital is a video game adaptation of a board game created by Elizabeth Hargrave and published by Stonemaier Games. In the game, players are ornithologists who are attempting to attract a variety of bird life to the habitats they have curated for them. Featuring suitably nature-themed backgrounds, a gentle soundtrack, animated bird cards and a voice over narrating bird facts, Wingspan Digital enables players to experience the game alone in a solo game mode, as well as in a multiplayer mode with friends either sharing the same screen or playing remotely.

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The game has players attempting to score the highest possible total of points by the end of four rounds, with each round having its own scoring bonus and players having secret objectives to fulfill. On their turn, players can either play a bird card – if they have the required food – or perform an action listed on one of their habitats, whether that’s laying eggs, gaining food or drawing cards. Whenever they activate a habitat, players can gain particular benefits from the bird cards they’ve already placed there.

There is yet to be a confirmed release date for Wingspan: Oceania Expansion, with the expansion set to arrive on Steam, GOG, Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch and Xbox.

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