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Tikal designers reunite for Renature, the debut game from new studio Deep Print

Latest design from award-scooping Kiesling and Kramer.

Kiesling and Kramer board game designers
Image credit: Ticketautomat/Wikimedia

Acclaimed design duo Wolfgang Kramer and Michael Kiesling have announced their latest board game collaboration, the first release from newly founded publisher Deep Print Games.

Described as an area-control game with dominos, Renature is the latest from the long-running partnership between Kramer and Kiesling, who together won the Spiel des Jahres - the prestigious German Game of the Year prize - in 1999 and 2000 for board games Tikal and Torres.

Kiesling is also responsible for hit beginner board game Azul, which won the award in 2018 and has since sold over a million copies, while Kramer has collected the Spiel des Jahres a grand total of five times for games including El Grande.

The two creators recently teamed up for a card-drafting board game called Paris, in which players must score points by collecting certain buildings. Paris is set to be released sometime this year.

Deep Print Games is a new label founded by a number of tabletop industry individuals - some of whom previously worked for companies such as Eggertspiele, which was responsible for board games such as Camel Up and Great Western Trial, and Plan B Games, which published Azul and Century: Spice Road amongst other titles.

The previous owners of board game Pegasus Spiele, which has published a number of games as well as coordinating the international releases of titles such as co-op board game Pandemic and party board game Love Letter, are also involved in the founding of Deep Print.

Alongside the announcement of Renature, Deep Print teased a redesign of a classic game, but is yet to reveal any additional details. Renature doesn’t currently have an official release date or price.

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