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Robert Pattinson’s emo Bat headlines Batman Miniature Game’s new two-player starter box

Vengeance for two, please.

A display of painted miniatures from the Batman Miniature Game, including The Penguin, Carmine Falcone, Batman, Catwoman and Commissioner Jim Gordon. Specifically, the minis use the version from new film, The Batman.
Image credit: Knight Models

The Batman Miniature Game has announced plans for a two-player starter box that will act as an easy way for a pair of caped crusaders to jump into the competitive skirmish game and will contain everything they need to learn and play.

Published by Knight Models, the Batman Miniature Game lets players act out the violent struggle for control of the comic book city of Gotham as either the criminal forces of mob boss Carmine Falcone or the band of cowled heroes who have sworn to eradicate the scum from the city’s underbelly. These opposed forces duke it out they way all wars should be fought - by carefully measuring hit boxes in a miniature wargame.

Batman takes an obvious central role, but fans of the most recent film incarnation - The Batman - will see plenty of familiar faces rendered in extruded plastic. Robert Pattinson’s brooding take on the classic hero is joined by Catwoman, Jim Gordon, The Penguin and Falcone, among others. Knight models is also offering a Bruce Wayne “Drifter” miniature to those who pre-order the starter box. Expect plenty of nameless mooks just asking for a Batarnag to the face, as well.

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Depending on which side players choose, the game plays out through achieving objectives on cards. The Batman Crew - plus Gordan’s apparent Good Cops - and Organized Crime tackle different goals but will no doubt clash in their efforts to achieve them. The starter box contains measuring sticks, plenty of markers, six dice used for resolving combat rolls. The 17 included miniatures ship unpainted and without bases allowing fans to apply their favourite combination of black, a darker black and maybe even some yellow to Batman’s costume.

This is the third edition of the Batman Miniature Game, which first released in 2012. It’s also far from the first time Gotham’s league of heroes and villains have hit the table, not even this year. Those wanting more Batman but less measuring tapes should look to the upcoming Batman: Gotham City Chronicles – The Roleplaying Game. Alex Meehan explained why it, too, should take cues from the latest film.

Pre-orders for the starter box are open on Knight Models’ website for €82.60 (£70.70/$87.22) and will remain so until May 20th.

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