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Disney Lorcana’s second TCG set will drop three months after the first

Disney’s competitor to Magic: The Gathering adopts the latter’s busy release schedule.

Tinkerbell, Tiny Tactician card art from Disney Lorcana
Image credit: Grace Tran/Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana plans to release a second core set for its upcoming trading card game in November 2023, a mere three months after the official release. Publisher Ravensburger has also revealed the pricing structure of booster packs and decks for The First Chapter.

In an email to Dicebreaker, a Ravensburger representative said the unnamed second set will be available within local game shops and other specialty stores on November 17th, with a wider retail release slated for December 1st. This is exactly three months after The First Chapter lands on September 1st - or August 18th for hobby shops – and positions the newest major TCG contender to make good on its previous promise of four core sets a year.

We reportedly won’t know any details about the followup spate of cards until further in the year, but the publisher did reveal some details on how much players and Disney fans can expect to spend procuring The First Chapter. Booster packs will cost $5.99 (£4.99) each and contain 12 cards - 9 mixed commons and uncommons, two cards that can be either rare, super rare or legendary, and one foil card of a random rarity. It's a sight cheaper than some of the promotional cards are fetching at online auctions.

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Those wanting to hit the table with constructed decks as fast as possible will be able to choose amongst three previously revealed starter decks - Amber & Amethyst, Sapphire & Steel, and Emerald & Ruby. These 60-card decks will run $16.99 (£17.99) each and also contain a booster pack and two foil face cards.

The Illumineer’s Trove for The First Chapter, which Ravensburger previously said would contain eight booster packs, will be comprised of two deck boxes (no cards, just boxes) featuring Mickey and Aurora inside a storage box, along with an art-filled player’s guide containing beginner’s advice, deckbuilding strategies and a checklist for Lorcana’s inaugural set. Running $49.99/£49.99, it’s not a terrible bargain for those interested in the game but will likely serve as a neat entry point and gift for those keen on the illustrative aspect.

Tinker Bell, Tiny Tactician card from Disney Lorcana
Image: Grace Tran/Ravensburger | Image credit: Grace Tran/Ravensburger

All of these prices are reportedly MSRP - or manufacturer’s suggested retail price - which tends to lock in what third-party sellers such as Amazon and big box retailers can reasonably charge for goods. This is interesting seeing as how the venerable TCG champ, Magic: The Gathering, abandoned MSRP years ago and allowed the price of booster boxes and other products to be the subject of limited price speculation. A Ravensburger representative declined to mention if Lorcana would stick to this more controlled model beyond The First Chapter

One of Lorcana’s other big promises when it was first announced last year was support for an organized play program. That is apparently still in the works, but Ravensburger said it won’t be slipping any details until later in 2023. Whether players can expect play sometime between The First Chapter and the following release remains to be seen.

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