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Disney Lorcana - Ursula’s Return will allow players to pay for powerful Shift cards without spending ink

A much cheaper cost than your voice.

Artwork from Disney Lorcana card - Ursula, Eric's Bride.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The next set for Disney Lorcana will introduce cards that enable players to use the Shift keyword without paying the ink cost.

Disney Lorcana is a trading card game published by Ravensburger that has players building and using decks featuring cards based on characters, songs and references from throughout the studio’s animated history. Each player will have to build or use a pre-built deck of 60 cards against one or more opponents, with the goal of being the first to gather 20 lore.

Playing cards requires players to spend ink from their inkwell, which contains cards players have put in there themselves. Each card will be attached to one of the six featured ink colours, with players being restricted to including no more than two different colour types of card within their decks. Cards are also split into different types: including characters, songs, items, actions and locations.

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Usually, the Shift keyword enables players to place a more powerful version of a character on top of another card - matching the requirements - for a cheaper ink cost than paying the full ink price for the character, as well as immediately putting that character into a readied state. However, the next set for the Disney game, Ursula’s Return, will feature cards that will allow players to Shift their characters without paying an ink cost. (Thanks Comic Book.)

Image of cards from Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return.
Image credit: Ravensburger, Disney

One of these cards is Ursula, Eric’s Bride: an amber coloured card that costs four ink to play on its own. However, its Shift keyword allows players to discard a song card to play it on top of any already-played card named Ursula. This card, whose ability Vanessa’s Design enables players to force an opponent to discard a non-character card whenever they quest, has the potential to be very easy to play if put into a deck containing plenty of song cards.

Cards from Disney Lorcana - Ursula's Return.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Other cards found in the Ursula’s Return set that feature this new approach to the Shift keyword include Flotsam & Jetsam, Entangling Eels - which a five strength/five health card that requires two cards to be discarded - Diablo, Devoted Herald, a card that requires players discard an action card, Li Shang, Valorous General - with players needing to discard a character card to Shift it in - Olaf, Carrot Enthusiast, a Sapphire card that can be Shifted by discarding an item card, and steel card Aladdin, Brave Rescuer: which requires that a location card be discard for it to be Shifted.

Disney Lorcana - Ursula’s Return is set to be released in hobby shops from May 17th and general retail from May 31st.

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