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Disney Lorcana doubles player attendance for its competitive TCG challenge events

Illumineers who missed the first round will have another shot to clinch a ticket.

Card art for The Forbidden Castle location card from Into the Inklands
Image credit: Ravensburger/The Walt Disney Company

Disney Lorcana’s publisher announced that it is doubling the attendance numbers for two planned challenge events and all future competitive circuits in response to the outpouring of demand from the popular trading card game’s players.

Ravensburger published an update on April 5th explaining that the Atlanta, Georgia and Lille, France Challenges would increase their player caps for the main event to 2,048 in order to give more competitors a shot at throwing their Mickey Mouse-eared hats into the ring. Tickets for both Grand Prix-esque competitions sold out minutes after the doors swung open back in March, vexing players who expected a reasonable window for securing their spot.

Ravensburger previously underestimated the explosive success of Lorcana last year, during the launch of The First Chapter, and scrambled to reprint the set to fill empty hobby store shelves and anaemic organised play. The company did not verify the extent to which scalpers and secondary market seller exacerbated this most recent sale but did announce that it would use tournament platform Melee to sell tickets for all future events in order to verify player accounts prior to buying.

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Anyone currently on the waitlist will be given a chance to purchase a ticket in waves, and anything left over will ostensibly be made available to the public. Email alerts for the Atlanta event are scheduled to go out on April 7th, while Lille’s waitlist will be notified the following day. Ravensburger also plans to relocate Atlanta’s Challenge event to the Georgia World Congress Center, which is just across the street from the previous smaller location.

All future Challenge events and competitions will have their capacities at least doubled, and Ravensburger claims it will secure more attendees beyond that where specific venue capacity allows it. Qualifications for the next rung of the competitive ladder - Continental Championships - and prize support will reportedly scale to match.

“Our plan has been to ramp up and build upon the Disney Lorcana Challenge over time,” the press release reads. “Due to the demand, we are accelerating some of our plans and will add a few additional events that will take place prior to the Continental Championships.” Ravensburger plans to publish dates and locations for these extra events at a later date.

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