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Disney Lorcana’s publisher says its runaway success has only “grown the size of the TCG pie”

Ravensburger CEO talks reprints, organised play and the tabletop company’s stellar 2023

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Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Last year was a certified banger for trading card games, thanks in no small part to the instant success of Disney Lorcana’s leveraging beloved characters and a competitive title that’s much more than a knock-off Magic: The Gathering. In a recent interview with ICv2, Ravensburger North America’s CEO Stephane Madi seemed confident 2024 would play the same tune.

The major headline from Madi is that the publisher is showing nothing but thumbs up as Disney Lorcana apparently drives new faces and wallets into local hobby shops in search of cards. Whether bringing lapsed cardboard slingers back into the fold or convincing family and friends to try out this fun game with Mickey Mouse and co. in it, Madi is convinced that their rising wave lifts all ships in the tabletop harbour.

“It's hard to count the number of players who have told us that Disney Lorcana TCG has given them a chance to share their love of the hobby with their families, or how it’s brought a number of new faces to organized play events,” he told ICv2. “We believe (and have heard from our partners and players) that Disney Lorcana TCG has grown the size of the TCG pie, as opposed to taking a piece of it.”

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The executive was adamant that Lorcana’s 2024 would focus more on organised play and delivering something new for established players that wasn’t simply another starter box. Ravensburger poured its efforts into “getting Disney Lorcana TCG into the hands of new players” as much as possible. 2024’s plans will throw a bone or two at competitive scenes and local game stores and pour resources into events, including tournaments and more championship kits.

One blemish Ravensburger won’t repeat is the initial scarcity of booster boxes and preconstructed decks that accompanied Lorcana’s initial set - The First Chapter. A combination of conservative printings and a much larger-than-anticipated demand that prompted a massive reprint, a shortage of that scale apparently won’t happen again: “Our research indicates that there’s currently enough product out there for existing and new players to get their hands on, which means we’re getting the supply/demand equilibrium just right,” Madi said.

“We watch, we listen, and we act. Our North Star is and always will be the Lorcana fan and making sure Disney Lorcana TCG is the best game it can be. All reprinting decisions will continue to be made with that in mind and as of right now, we’re at a good equilibrium.”

Lorcana’s blockbuster launch, followed by two already-published expansions and a swiftly approaching third (Ursula’s Return due out in May), helped Ravensburger grow its 2023 income to €669 million. That 11.6% increase fends off the company’s 2022 slump, which following an unsustainable COVID-19 pandemic boom, and can largely be laid at the doorstop to the House of Mouse. Madi showed his C-suite training by estimating that Ravenburger would “build on that success” with plenty more of Disney’s TCG already on its way throughout 2024.

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