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Infinity studio announces new ‘classic fantasy’ universe Warcrow, miniatures wargame and dungeon-crawler on the way

First games in new setting due to launch this autumn and next summer.

Corvus Belli, maker of sci-fi miniatures game Infinity, has revealed a new fantasy universe called Warcrow.

Warcrow is said to be a “totally new” setting created from the ground-up and unassociated with the publisher’s sci-fi universe of Infinity, which has since spun out from the miniatures wargame into a tabletop RPG, futuristic sports game Aristeia and last year's "battle royale survival game" Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid. The upcoming fantasy universe shares its name with the English translation of the Spanish publisher’s Latin-derived name.

Corvus Belli described Warcrow as based in “classic fantasy”, but with “the Corvus Belli touch”. The setting’s inhabitants will include familiar staples of fantasy - such as humans, orcs, elves and dwarves - alongside new species and factions. The setting’s lore and background is said to be fully original.

A brief announcement trailer makes reference to the unstoppable horrors of something known as the Fog and the world-changing effects caused by a new cycle of magic, offering a potential peek into Warcrow’s lore. A duke of Aurore and high priestess of Selas are also mentioned, possibly reflecting significant locations or factions in the world.

Warcrow will make its debut in two separate games, each of which is planned to continue as a dedicated series in the shared universe.

The first will be a boxed dungeon-crawler board game, Warcrow Adventures, expected to launch on Kickstarter this autumn ahead of arriving with backers next summer. A retail edition will follow the crowdfunding campaign. If the game is successful, Corvus Belli told Dicebreaker that Warcrow Adventures would "no doubt" see expansions and other standalone instalments in the future.

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The second, referred to as Warcrow Wargame in the teaser trailer, will be a miniatures game more akin to Infinity due for release at US summer convention Gen Con in 2023. The wargame will see monthly releases following its launch.

Both Warcrow games will feature brand new gameplay mechanics and engines, sharing a pool of custom dice that feature symbols in place of numbers. The titles will include plastic miniatures, highlighted as a focus of the new series. Corvus Belli declined to reveal further details on the dice system, but insisted the upcoming Warcrow titles would be “unlike anything we already have on the market”.

"[Infinity and Warcrow] are totally different universes," a Corvus Belli representative told Dicebreaker. "There is no connection - neither mechanically, nor aesthetically, nor in terms of background. But there will be similarities in terms of the type of product it is. The dungeon-crawler tastes like a dungeon-crawler, and the wargame has mechanics typical of this type of game."

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