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The studio behind miniatures wargame Infinity is creating a “battle royale survival game” in the same universe

TAG, you’re it.

Spanish wargames studio Corvus Belli dropped a YouTube video on March 15th teasing its next game, set in the Infinity universe but markedly different from its past creations. A crowdfunding campaign accompanying the project is currently slated for later this year.

The video, title Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid, is quite devoid of details about how this new title will look or play, instead delivering a cryptic minute of images, silhouettes and quotes that the Infinity community have already been picking apart for nuggets of insight.

“A multiplayer Battle Royale survival game set in the Infinity universe. On a never seen before scale,” reads the video’s description. This matches an equally sparse landing page for the game, which says to expect a crowdfunding campaign in fall 2021.

Cover image for YouTube videoInfinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid teaser

Skirmish miniatures wargame Infinity tasks players with creating small tactical squads of science fiction soldiers to carry out missions for their chosen faction. Warhammer 40,000 and its peers have embraced the skirmish game mode in recent years, but Infinity prioritizes quick, guerilla style combat where unit death is a big deal and point values - and player’s carrying cases - don’t balloon.

It has been steadily releasing new content since its initial release in 2005, but most of that has consisted of expansions, adventures and new batches of 28mm models. That said, last year saw Corvus Belli release Infinity: Defiance, a dungeon-crawling board game set in the same universe. It included models that were compatible with the base skirmish game inside a standalone experience outside of the wargame space.

It makes sense for Defiance: TAG Raid to follow that model - introduce the factions and characters Infinity players will recognise to a new mode of play. In an email, Corvus Belli’s marketing contact Belén Moreno Garrido wouldn’t reveal how the studio would simulate a survival battle royale on the tabletop, but he did confirm that the new models would again be compatible across Infinity’s breadth of titles.

Infinity Miniatures

Protagonists will take on the role of individual TAGs - tactical armoured gear, the setting’s name for mechs - and engage in a “specialist game” that seems as if it will bring something Infinity players haven’t yet enjoyed from past Corvus Belli games.

2020 was a big year for the company: Infinity released N4, the fourth edition of its rules, alongside a beginner-friendly set of quickstart rules available for free through its website.

Expect more information about Infinity Deathmatch: TAG Raid ahead of the crowdfunding campaign later this year. Dicebreaker will update this story as more details become available.

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