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Snag Masks: A New Generation, Glitter Hearts and Sentinel Comics RPG at 80% off on DrivethruRPG

Cut-rate crusading.

Artwork for the TRPG Glitter Hearts.
Image credit: Leatherman Games

If you’ve been waiting to introduce your gaming group to some superpowered roleplay adventures, now’s the perfect time to begin planning. DriveThruRPG is holding a sale on the digital version of several excellent caped hero tabletop RPG systems, knocking 80% off the price of Masks, Glitter Hearts, Sentinel Comics and more.

The sale is part of the online platform’s September Setting Sale and only lasts until Monday, September 18th. During that time, prospective protectors of humanity will find tabletop titles, supplements, adventure modules and other accessories from multiple publishers being sold at a fraction of their normal price.

For example, Magpie Games’ excellent Masks: A New Generation is my go-to system for playing teens grappling with both their burgeoning superpowers and the horrors of transitioning from adolescents to teenhood, and it’s currently listed for less than $3. Several companion releases outlining new playbooks, scenarios, factions and setting are also on offer.

The best superhero RPGs for fans of DC and Marvel Comics.Watch on YouTube

By comparison, the Sentinel Comics RPG is considered by many to be the gold standard of emulating the kind of mask-and-spandex justice found on the pages of Marvel and DC trade releases. For $6, you can bring to the table a fully realised system for embodying the heroes of Sentinel Comics - or your own legally distinct creations that may or may not look eerily similar to Spider-Man or Batman.

Other notable entries in the superhero sub-genre include Son of Oak’s City of Mist, which mixes in a healthy dose of noir aesthetic, and Leatherman Games’ Glitter Hearts - the latter pulls deeply on magical girl anime tropes and balances the players’ dramatis personae with their more mundane, but no less stressful existence in the world outside the fight between Good and Evil.

For more eclectic game systems, you couldn’t do much better than Rookie Jet’s Empty Cycle. Like Masks, it trades in the tropes and tension of being a teenager and struggling with the myriad mental issues thrust upon the young by an uncaring world. Oh, and also they carry extraterrestrial Parasites in their body that give them superhuman abilities. By comparison, FIST lets players embody a team of paranormal mercenaries performing wetwork for world governments locked in unending nuclear posturing. It’s Metal Gear Solid-meets-Doom Patrol - in a world where you’re less than expendable, how do you both find meaning and survive the day?

More information about DriveThruRPG’s Super RPG Setting Sale can be found on the platform’s official website. All prices are for digital PDFs of the listed title, which should be compatible with most screen readers and devices.

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