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TTRPGs For Trans Rights bundle sells over 500 works for $5 to support LGBTQ+ advocacy in West Virginia

Proceeds benefit Project Rainbow, the only shelter of its kind in the entire state.

TTRPGs for Trans Rights West Virginia promotional image
Image credit: TTRPGs for Trans Rights

TTRPGs for Trans Rights’ charity bundle has returned for a third year to offer another massive collection of digital tabletop RPGs, zines, supplements, adventures and other creations in order to raise money to support Project Rainbow, the only LGBTQ+ shelter and advocacy center in the entire state of West Virginia.

You might recall this particular bundle initiative for its efforts in past states, including Texas and Florida, and the organisers have raised a cumulative $800,000 in proceeds and donation matching, according to a press release. This year’s bundle only costs a minimum $5 and contains 529 digital items from across the tabletop industry, all donated so that the entirety of raised funds can be donated directly. Organisers are hoping to raise at least $50,000 before the fundraiser wraps up on June 1st, and stretch goals are planned for any landmark sums reached beyond that point.

Founder and executive director Rue Dickey said the team behind the bundle chose West Virginia due to the stark lack of access for trans and queer people of colour within the conservative state, especially during a period of aggressive “anti-trans sentiment, legislation, and fear mongering”. The team points at the more than 450 anti-trans bills that have either been drafted or prepared for a vote at all levels of government since the beginning of 2024.VID

“As a mixed-race, disabled trans person, seeing the rise in dangerous rhetoric around the country sparked something in me,” said Dickey., “There’s not a lot I can do as one person, but by bringing together a community effort like these bundles, we can give resources directly to trans people being harmed by these policies.”

Project Rainbow provides emergency shelter and housing needs to at-risk trans and queer people, along with connecting them to vital medical and mental health resources from trusted providers, all connected via grassroots organisations who work directly within West Virginia’s queer and trans communities. The centre also maintains activities and education efforts throughout Appalachia.

Most of the games and supplements provide supporters with digital copies redeemed through, but the bundle has connected with several outside publishers who will distribute codes and access to other creations beyond the indie-dominated platform. One such company is Paizo, who is offering digital copies of Pathfinder Lost Omens: Knights of Lastwall to all purchases (after filling out a provided Google form).

A few games from the TTRPGs for Trans Rights West Virginia bundle
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Plenty of absolute bangers are included in the bundle, such as snow’s melancholy and mysterious Songbirds 3E and Cassi Mothwin’s 1-2 player RPG that mixes horror and magical school tropes (Mothwin won the Tabletop Award for 2023’s Rising Star Designer). Dinocar, from Dinoberry Press, is a silly and creative map drawing exercise in a world where prehistoric creatures must navigate a vehicle to their day job, while the GM-less game Lordsworn tells the tragic story of adherents to a now-dead god carving a desperate path back home through the wreckage of their faith.

You can check out all of the 500+ games and supplementary material being offered on the bundle’s page. More information about Project Rainbow, including how you can access its care and resources, is available on its main website.

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