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Dishonored and Dune RPG publisher to donate all PDF proceeds to Ukraine-relief charities

“We are actively helping our Ukraine-based freelancers and customers.”

Modiphius, the publisher behind the Dishonored and Dune roleplaying games, has released a statement in response to the current Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Featured on the company’s website, the statement from Modiphius co-founders Chris and Rita Birch comments that “we have all been deeply affected by the events of the past week”. “We are actively helping our Ukrainian freelancers and customers.” The blog post announced that all proceeds from PDF versions of tabletop RPGs, adventures and miniatures games released by the publisher will be donated to Ukraine-relief charities until March 6th. According to the company co-founders, the studio is also “exploring further ways in which we can help.”

Image credit: Modiphius Entertainment

Besides the aforementioned tabletop RPG adaptations of the Dishonored video game franchise and the Dune novels written by Frank Herbert, Modiphius is known for publishing several roleplaying games including horror RPGs such as the newest edition of Kult – a game set in a world that’s secretly being controlled a pantheon of cruel gods – and Achtung! Cthulhu, as well as sci-fi roleplaying games like Star Trek Adventures and the fantasy RPG Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed of.

Modiphius joins the likes of Scythe publisher Stonemaier Games – which announced earlier this week that it would be cutting all economic ties with its Russian localisation partners and writing-off all payments owed by its Ukrainian localisation partners – and 11 Bit Studios, which announced it would be donating all proceeds from This War of Mine and its DLC to the Ukrainian Red Cross, in condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine and encouraging its audience to support Ukrainian non-for-profit organisations.

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Several publishers, designers and retailers based in Ukraine have urged people to support their country during the current Russian invasion, including Desktop Games – a studio that distributes tabletop titles released by Fantasy Flight Games, such as Star Wars: X-Wing and Arkham Horror: The Card Game – alongside War of the Ring localisation company Geekach Games and Freelingo, a company that localises several family friendly board games like Codenames and Kingdomino.

Links to a number of Ukraine-relief charities were included in Modiphius’ blog such as the Ukrainian Red Cross, Outright International Ukraine Fund, Sunflower for Peace, United Help Ukraine and Save the Children Ukraine, should readers want to donate directly.

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