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Undaunted: North Africa, Wildlands and more Osprey games are currently 30% off

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Get Undaunted: North Africa and Wildlands at 30% off their usual retail price in the Osprey 2020 sale, with several other acclaimed board games also featured.

The publisher’s tabletop label Osprey Games is currently running a sale on titles released before October 2020, with all the games included going at a 30% discount. One of the most recent games featured in the sale is the two-player title, Undaunted: North Africa - which was released earlier this summer and is currently available for £21 rather than the usual £30.

A sequel to last year’s Undaunted: Normandy, which is also included in the sale, North Africa sees players competing with each other to complete set objectives as either the British Army’s Long Range Desert Group or the Italian Axis forces. Building on the previous entry, North Africa provides players with a more asymmetric experience than Normandy by providing the two opposing sides with access to different units to allow unique approaches. Whereas the Italian forces have more powerful weaponry and vehicles, the British Army is more focused on stealth units capable of infiltrating the enemy encampments. In his review of North Africa, Matt praised the implementation of these gameplay differences and how it breathes new life into the series, writing: “One of the most exciting things about Undaunted: North Africa isn’t how different it feels to Normandy, but how different it feels depending on which side of the table you’re sitting.”

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Another notable inclusion in the Osprey sale is miniatures board game Wildlands, which was originally released in 2018 and is currently priced at £41, instead of its usual £59.99. Wildlands sees two to four players choosing from a selection of different factions; including the Mage’s Guild, Gnomades, Lawbringers and Pit Fighters, in a battle for powerful crystal shards. The fantasy board game was created by Martin Wallace - a co-designer on Brass: Birmingham and Lancashire - and sees players using their faction’s special abilities to fight against their rivals and defeat each of their opponents on the battlefield.

On sale alongside Wildlands is Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter - now available for £42, rather than the normal £60 - which reimplements the miniatures game into a theme based on the classically bloody comic book series. Set in Mega-City One, Helter Skelter pits four warring factions from the 2000 AD universe against one another.

Also included in the sale are Village Green - a charming card game about gardeners competing to win a town fair competition that came out earlier this year - Letterpress, a deckbuilding game that challenges players to build the highest scoring words from their letter cards, and Escape from the Aliens in Outer Space, a sci-fi hidden-movement game about surviving a series of terrible misfortunes taking place on a badly damaged spaceship. All of these games are currently going at a 30% discount, alongside Undaunted: North Africa, Wildlands and Judge Dredd: Helter Skelter.

The Osprey 2020 sale will continue throughout November, with more details available on the publisher’s website.

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