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Risk, Axis & Allies and Diplomacy are getting reprints and brand new games from Vampire: The Masquerade studio Renegade

Publisher confirms new versions of classic Avalon Hill board games.

Risk, Axis & Allies, Diplomacy and other Avalon Hill classics will see reprints and entirely new instalments from the studio behind Vampire: The Masquerade, Kids on Bikes and more.

Renegade Game Studios announced that it would re-release existing editions of World War II series Axis & Allies, Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield’s bot-battling board game RoboRally, infamously savage strategy icon Diplomacy and tactical wargame Squad Leader as part of a new licensing deal with Avalon Hill, the Hasbro-owned label behind the classic board games dating from the 1950s to 1990s.

The upcoming reprints will include out-of-print editions of Axis & Allies, with Renegade adding that it would continue to re-release “certain titles” on a “rotating basis”.

As well as reprinting older versions, Renegade confirmed it would also create brand new games for Axis & Allies and legendary wargame Risk, teasing that “some of the other brands” would also see entirely new titles in the future.

The new Risk editions will include spin-offs based on Power Rangers, Transformers and GI Joe, with Renegade having previously released board games, RPGs and card games based on the pop-culture franchises. Unlike the other Avalon Hill games, Renegade will produce only these licensed spin-offs for Risk.

The publisher revealed additional plans to host a world championship for Axis & Allies and involve fans in deciding “new themes” to introduce to the series.

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The partnership with Hasbro will see Renegade become the lead publisher for Axis & Allies, RoboRally, Diplomacy and Squad Leader, while the franchises as a whole will remain under the control of Avalon Hill. Renegade previously struck a similar deal with Vampire: The Masquerade owner Paradox, taking responsibility for all the tabletop RPGs in the World of Darkness series.

Renegade said that reprints of the Avalon Hill board games would be released in 2023, with RoboRally and Diplomacy among the first reprints due to appear.

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