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Risk Legacy, Scattergories and Diplomacy featured in Gamestop sale

Alongside the Scooby-Doo: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion.

An image of the open box for Risk Legacy
Image credit: Hasbro

Gamestop is currently holding a sale that features tabletop games such as Risk Legacy, Scattergories and Diplomacy.

Focused on board games released by the tabletop gaming giant Hasbro – which owns several notable publishers, including Dungeons & Dragons studio Wizards of the Coast – the Gamestop sale includes a selection of popular titles at discounted prices.

One of the titles found in the Gamestop sale is Risk Legacy, which is discounted to $33.50 (£27). Considered to be the very first legacy board game ever released – introducing the concepts of an overarching campaign wherein players permanently alter components and gradually reveal new ones throughout – Risk Legacy has players becoming leaders of rival countries across the globe in a world-scale war.

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Similar to original Risk, the legacy game has players commanding their respective troops on contested areas of the map, rolling dice to determine the outcome of each encounter. However, the results of each session of Risk Legacy will directly affect the starting state of the next, providing winning players with rewards and challenging losing players with the goal of catching up.

Another tabletop title featured in the Gamestop Hasbro sale is the classic party board game Scattergories, now priced at $8.50 (£7). Originally released in 1988 by the American studio Milton Bradly – which now no longer exists – Scattergories is a social game based on a traditional game called Categories, that has players attempting to complete lists themed around different categories of things. The main twist to Scattergories is that players must fill out their lists with words starting with the same letter, with players scoring points for each correct answer that no other player used.

One other classic board game included within the Gamestop sale is Diplomacy, a strategy title that is discounted to $17 (£14). Having received multiple releases over the years, the edition of Diplomacy found within the Hasbro sale is the 1999 version published by Avalon Hill. Known for its potential to lead to ruthless behaviour from its players, Diplomacy is a board game in which players must attempt to control as much of the board as possible through either military wins or carefully made alliances.

An image of the board for the 1999 version of Diplomacy
Image credit: Hasbro

Other notable tabletop titles found within the Gamestop Hasbro sale include Scooby-Doo: Betrayal at Mystery Mansion – a spin-off from the horror board game Betrayal at House on the Hill: Second Edition that’s themed around the beloved animated character – the quick card game Marvel Mayhem, which is based on the D&D themed Dungeon Mayhem, and the fast-paced card game Monopoly Deal.

All the titles currently featured in the Gamestop tabletop sale can be found on its online store.

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