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The next game from Exploding Kittens studio combines wordplay with deduction

A birdy told me.

The next board game by the studio responsible for Throw, Throw Burrito - Exploding Kittens - is A Little Wordy, a title that includes both wordplay and deduction elements.

A Little Wordy is a tabletop game for two players that revolves around creating and guessing words using a collection of tiles. Each game begins with players taking a random selection of four vowels and seven consonant letter tiles, which they must then use to formulate a word. The word can be made with as many letters as the player wants, but must make grammatical sense - slang words are allowed. Once the player has created their word, they secretly write it down on their board, before passing their collection of tiles to their opponent.

After both players have completed this step, they must then attempt to guess what word the other player made using their tiles. Players can apply their deduction skills and knowledge of their opponent to devise the correct word, or opt to use one of the four clue cards that have been drawn from the deck. Clue cards can help to narrow down a player’s search by establishing key information such as the first letter of the word or how long it is.

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However, clue cards cost berries - the more powerful a card, the more berries it costs to use - which help to determine the ultimate winner of the game. Once both players have written down their respective guesses, then they reveal their choices and compare them to the actual word created by their opponent.

Successful guesses acquired with fewer clues means that players will have more berries at the end of every round. Whichever player has the most berries by the end of the game is named the winner.

A Little Wordy includes illustrations by The Oatmeal, otherwise known as Matthew Inman, the artist responsible for the popular online comic and the artwork for Exploding Kittens. Besides Throw, Throw Burrito and the card game that shares its name with the studio, Exploding Kittens is best known for party games such as You’ve Got Grabs and On a Scale of One to T-Rex.

A Little Wordy cards

Prior to the reveal of A little Wordy, Exploding Kittens released another two-player game called Taco Cat Spelled Backwards in which players used a hand of palindrome cards to win the favour of the titular tacocat. The game, which came out in February, challenged players to engage in card duels with each other, with the winner successfully luring the tacocat over to their side.

A Little Wordy is available from the Exploding Kittens website now at a retail price of £12 ($14.99).

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