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‘Controversial party game’ Awkward is the first tabletop release from Buzz! and Family Feud developers

Cards handpicked from “most divisive” questions in 2018 video game.

Snap Finger Click, the studio made up of developers behind video games Buzz!, Family Feud and It’s Quiz Time, has announced its first tabletop offering, an adaptation of multiplayer party game Awkward.

Released as a video game in 2018, Awkward bills itself as a “controversial personality quiz”. Players take it in turn to answer questions aimed at splitting opinion, with the rest of the group trying to predict what they will say.

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The card game sticks to the format of the original, presenting a question with two answers. The person who reads the question must secretly choose their response, while everyone else attempts to guess what they will say. Anyone who guesses correctly scores a wick point, with 10 winning the game.

Prompts tend to steer along the slightly uncomfortable and conversation-stirring, without appearing to veer into fully offensive territory á la Cards Against Humanity and some other “adult” party games. Examples include asking whether you’d rather accidentally set fire to your own house or the home of your best friend, whether you’ve ever found the parent of a friend sexually attractive, and who in the group looks at porn most often. Some questions, however, do lean into more serious and potentially triggering discussions, such as whether paedophiles should be punished more harshly than murderers.

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According to studio co-founder and development director Martijn van der Meulen, the 300-plus question cards in the tabletop version of Awkward have been “handpicked” from the thousands of prompts in the video game based on player responses, aiming to select the “most divisive” questions.

The Awkward board game is currently live on Kickstarter, ahead of a planned release next March. The £25 core set is accompanied by two expansions: one containing relationship questions designed for couples and another with a set of blank cards for custom questions.

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