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Stage your very own death race in automotive combat board game Car Wars

Ride or die.

You can now live out all your wildest Mad Max fantasies in automotive combat game Car Wars: Sixth Edition.

Set in 2069 A.D. in a post-apocalyptic North American hellscape, Car Wars: Sixth Edition has players indulging in all sorts of road-rage centred activities whilst battling the likes of bandits, regional dictators and gunslingers. All you have between you and your opponents is the wheel of your car.

Originally published by Steve Jackson Games back in 1981, Car Wars was the first entry in the series which has since grown to include Car Wars: The Card Game and Boat Wars, amongst others. Having been in development for around six years Car Wars: Sixth Edition looks to streamline the classic auto-combat experience and include some neatly detailed miniatures.

On top of this Car Wars: Sixth Edition will also feature a variety of new components such as custom dice, colour-coded player dashboards and dozens of tokens all to make playing the game flow much quicker. The newly streamlined collision system, which makes working out the bludgeoning elements of combat go much faster, is one of the major overalls being made to the game’s core ruleset.

In Car Wars players choose from a selection of murderous vehicles, which includes all the appropriate weapons and armour as well as some nice little appearance accessories, in order to take out their rival drivers. For each battle survived players can improve their chances of further survival by buying better cars with the money they’ve earnt, or even choose to upgrade their existing car if they’re particularly attached.

Car Wars: Sixth Edition is currently up on Kickstarter until January 6th 2020, with the base pledge of around £39 getting you a stripped-down two-player version of the core game, whilst a complete four-player version of the game will set you back around £58. US backers can expect to receive their copy in-and-around February 2021, with international backers having to wait an extra three months for theirs.

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