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Marvel Collector’s Chess Set pits the Avengers against Loki and Thanos

Knight to a Thor.

Command a team of the greatest superheroes in the universe against a cavalcade of classic villains with the newly announced Marvel Collector’s Chess Set.

Themed around the Marvel universe of comic books, the upcoming board game sees players choosing to play as either the defenders of good or the forces of evil. Rather than the usual white and black chess pieces, the Marvel Collector’s Chess Set features the comic books’ Avengers - Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, Thor and Black Widow - on one side, whilst the other side consists of a rogues’ gallery of villains.

Shaded in contrasting blue and red, the pieces are sculpted in the likeness of each character - with the forces of evil being represented by the Avengers villain Thanos, the ambitious god Hela and the Trickster Loki, amongst others. The pawns of both sides have been replaced with standees displaying either the S.H.I.E.L.D symbol or the sinister insignia of the Hydra organisation. The board is shaded in the classic black and white tones of a standard chess board - with the opposing symbols indicating which side each player starts on.

Marvel Collectors Chess Set board

The abstract game was recently depicted in the Netflix television series, The Queen’s Gambit, which is based on the novel written by Walter Tevis in 1983. In the show, Beth Harmon - played by actor Anya Taylor-Joy - discovers at a young age that she has a talent for playing chess, before gradually making her way up the ranks of the international grandmasters and setting her sights on becoming the best chess player in the world.

The Marvel Collector’s Chess Set is being released by The Op, the publisher behind various other Marvel-themed titles such as party game Codenames: Marvel - which has two teams of players competing to guess secret words - Munchkin: Marvel and the upcoming Smash Up: Marvel, which is set to be launched in January.

Players can get the Marvel Collector’s Chess Set now for a retail price of $74.99 (£56). Or check out how to play chess with out great guides.

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