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Corvids is a card game about being a thieving little crow, and tweezers are your beak

Something to crow about.

Image credit: DVC Games

After Be Like a Crow let us roleplay as birds last year and visionary RPG Coyote & Crow emerged triumphant at both our own Tabletop Awards and this year’s ENnies, the apparent Year of the Crow happening on the tabletop looks to continue into 2024 with new card game Corvids.

Corvids is a card game about becoming a bird in search of both trash and treasure by poking through a literal pile of cards on the table in order to find and nab shiny objects.

Coyote & Crow wins big at the 2022 Tabletop AwardsWatch on YouTube

As a feathered thief, you’ll be looking to move cards out of the way to uncover shinies and pinch them for yourself - using either your fingers or an included set of tweezers as your discerning beak. You’ll also have the opportunity to nick valuable knicknacks from your rivals’ collections, or cover over the precious cards they need from the main pile.

Sets of cards - which include treasured trash such as bottlecaps, acorns, nuts, buttons and sets of keys - will be worth different points based on different scoring conditions, such as matching sets or having more than the other players, while others can be used to help you steal shinies from your opponents or peek at hidden cards in the pile.

Image credit: DVC Games

Corvids will be the first physical release from fledgling game design collective and publisher DVC Games, a team of designers, developers, writers and other creators who collectively design games under the pseudonym Jasper Beatrix. The team includes a number of alumni from short-lived studio Story Machine Games, which released board games including linguistic co-op Rosetta: The Lost Language and Midsommar-inspired social deduction game Sacred Rites during its two-year life, before closing in 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Illustrator Meg Lemieur will be lending her naturalistic, conservation-conscious artwork to Corvids, which is currently planned for release in the second quarter of 2024.

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