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Terminator inspired CY_Borg RPG supplement has players fleeing an immortal killer robot

Play with me if you want to survive.

A supplement for the tabletop roleplaying game CY_Borg takes inspiration from the classic 1980s Terminator film series.

Set in the year 20X9, Time Scape is a supplement that has players attempting to evade a deadly robot killer in order to complete their mission of assassinating an evil CEO.

Designed to be played with the sci-fi TRPG CY_Borg – the spin-off title from Mörk Borg - Time Scape is a storyline that takes inspiration from the 1984 film The Terminator, which stars Arnold Schwarzengger as a murderous cyborg who has been programmed and sent back in time in order to kill the mother of future human saviour John Conner. Similarly to the 1984 film, Time Scape has players attempting to survive the efforts of a time-travelling killer robot in order to carry out their crucial mission.

Artwork for Time Scape, a supplement for Cy_Borg.

Another similarity that Time Scape shares with The Terminator is that the futures of both universes see humanity being enslaved by machines, with the world of the tabletop RPG supplement painting a grim future of society being controlled by an AI whose only purpose is to seek profit. As Pvnks – CY_borg’s player characters – living in the year 20X3, before the takeover of the AI, players will be attempting to successfully assassinate Ronald “Jävlar” Reagan the Third, a wealthy CEO whose greed would lead to the terrible future they want to prevent.

However, the evil AI has managed to send back a hunter killer cyborg in order to find the player characters and murder them before they complete their mission. As a team of rag-tag street pvnks, players will need to work together to survive the unending pursuit of the hunter killer robot, which won’t be easy considering that it does not require sleep, food or rest and cannot be reasoned with. As they race against the hunter killer, the players will need to do everything they can to assassinate Reagan the Third and change their futures.

The supplement will feature a collection of four different “dungeons" in which players will need to find and eliminate their target, with a variety of different weather conditions for them to survive through – such as never-ending rain, scorching heat, fog and pollutant snow. Players and game masters will also find two new Cy_Borg classes to play as – time target and veteran of the time war – and, of course, a new and unkillable boss in the hunter killer cyborg.

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Time Scape was created by Josh Dunham, also known as Astrolich, who has previously designed supplements for the fantasy TRPG Mörk Borg such as Too Fast to Live Too Young to Die and Nativity in Black.

The Kickstarter campaign for Time Scape is live until September 19th, with a pledge of $18 (£16) getting backers a physical copy of the supplement book in November. Otherwise, a digital version of the supplement is available for a pledge of $12 (£11).

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