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Heavy metal RPG Mörk Borg gets industrial cyberpunk spin-off Cy_Borg

A different kind of borg.

Mörk Borg, a heavy metal inspired fantasy roleplaying game, is set to receive a cyberpunk themed spin-off title called Cy_Borg.

Based on the same gameplay system used by Mörk Borg, Cy_Borg is set in a future in which rampant consumerism has led to a broken and near-apocalyptic world. The upcoming RPG focuses on the themes of intense climate collapse, the dark consequences of uncontrolled capitalism and the commodification of personal data, alongside several topics often found in cyberpunk fiction such as transhumanism and technology’s potential to cause violence. Whereas Mörk Borg was more inspired by heavy and doom metal music, Cy_Borg takes its musical cues from industrial and underground hip hop.

The 160 page book for the sci-fi roleplaying game will see the players becoming cyberpunk outcasts who are dedicated to tearing down the systems of corporate capitalism and corrupt police departments, as well as fringe groups causing senseless violence such as street gangs and cults. Players will be exploring the city of Cy, a “dystopian metropolis” that serves as the game’s only known location. An introductory scenario is included in the Cy_Borg book, alongside tables that enable game masters to come up with campaigns and one-shots by combining missions, non-player characters, locations and enemies.

When creating their characters, players will be able to choose from six optional classes including the shunned nanomancer; burned hacker and renegade cyberslasher. Though Cy_Borg uses the same gameplay system as Mörk Borg, it features an updated version of the ruleset that adds fresh elements to better fit in with the cyberpunk setting such as autofire, cybertech and hacking. Similar to the original Mörk Borg, Cy_Borg will feature a countdown mechanic that will ensure that the world players explore changes regardless of their decisions, with miserable headlines leading to catastrophes and an eventual unfortunate end.

Cy_Borg was written by Christian Sahlén with illustrations and design by Johan Nohr, who also worked on Mörk Borg.

Cy_borg book artwork

Free League Publishing - the studio responsible for releasing horror RPG Alien and Tales from the Loop - will be co-publishing Cy_Borg under its Free League Workshop label, which is specifically designed for indie RPGs, alongside Stockholm Kartell, with both companies having previously released Mörk Borg together.

Mörk Borg, which was originally released in 2020, won several Ennie Awards - the most prestigious award a TRPG can win - including gold for product of the year, best layout and design and best writing, as well as silver for best game of 2020. In the roleplaying game, players become heretics who are desperately searching for purpose in a bleak and dying fantasy world.

The Kickstarter campaign for Cy_Borg is set to launch on November 13th, with a release date set for sometime in 2022.

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