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Drive and Akira inspired this vehicle supplement for sci-fi RPG Cy_Borg

Free-wheeling and rolling.

A supplement for the sci-fi tabletop roleplaying game Cy_Borg adds vehicle and chase rules to the game.

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die is an upcoming RPG supplement designed to be used with Cy_Borg, the cyberpunk inspired spin-off title to Mörk Borg, that provides the game master and players with rules for driving vehicles. Inspired by the likes of the 2011 film Drive – starring Ryan Gosling as a hired driver who gets mixed up with the wrong people – the Japanese anime classics Akira (1988) and Ghost in the Shell (1995), a film about a cyborg security agent hunting down a hacker, Too Fast to Live enables players to experience the adrenaline rush and danger of speeding through city streets.

Though the rules featured in Too Fast to Live are light weight, they still provide GM and players with plenty of options when it comes to racing, chasing down assailants and getting into vehicle combat. Cy_Borg’s dangerous world isn’t the kind of place wherein people drive safely, with players able to wreak havoc and carnage if so they wish – smashing their vehicle into enemy cars or bikes or leaning out the window to enact damage. Whether players are getting into trouble with the local corrupt law-enforcement or with any corporate agents, sometimes both, GMs and players will be able to roleplay the entire scenario.

An image of artwork from the Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die supplement for Cy_Borg

Too Fast to Live includes a 24 page zine that adds rules for chases and races within the city streets that sessions of Cy_Borg take place in, alongside a compendium of various cars and bikes – and even a helicopter – for players or non-player characters to operate. The tabletop RPG zine also comes with a table for devising random hazards for drivers to swerve around and various ways for them to come to a crashing halt. Should characters ever come to blows in their respective vehicles, then the zine features rules for high-speed combat.

Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die was created by Josh Dunham, who has previously designed several supplements for Mörk Borg including an additional character class called The Shock Troop and a playable storybook called Nativity in Black.

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Cy_Borg is a sci-fi tabletop RPG set in a dystopian cyberpunk future in which capitalism and uncontrolled consumerism has led to a near-apocalyptic society. Inspired by industrial and underground hip hop, Cy_Borg uses the same gameplay system as the original Mörk Borg but applies it to a setting centered around the topics of transhumanism and the consequences of unregulated corporations. In Cy_Borg players are societal outsiders dedicated to bringing down the corruption at the top, racing against an apocalyptic clock that slowly makes the world around them darker and more dangerous.

The Kickstarter campaign for Too Fast to Live, Too Young to Die is live until June 21st, with a pledge of $15 (£12) getting backers a physical copy of the supplement in August. Alternatively, a digital version is available for a pledge of $10 (£8).

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