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Cyberpunk Red is spinning off into skirmish miniatures game Combat Zone

Releasing in 2021.

Cyberpunk Red, the latest edition of the seminal sci-fi tabletop RPG, is being adapted into a miniatures game called Combat Zone.

Combat Zone is set in the cities of Cyberpunk Red’s futuristic 2045 setting - set several decades after the RPG’s seminal second edition Cyberpunk 2020 and before its recent video game adaptation Cyberpunk 2077. The core rulebook for Cyberpunk Red was released in November, following the launch of its Jumpstart Kit - featuring pre-made characters and basic rules - last summer.

The upcoming game is named for the titular combat zones of the cities, in which the law doesn’t apply and gang members augmented by technology can scrap for control of the streets. Players will control a small team of “Cyberpunk characters who are looking to make a name for themselves”.

Gameplay is described as being fast and dynamic, with no set rounds or turns. Characters are able to perform actions freely and react to the moves of their opponents. As they suffer damage and take wounds, characters’ abilities are gradually affected, encouraging an confrontational play style out of the gate.

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Movement and the range of actions are based on a ‘Limiter’ system, in place of traditional measuring rulers. Different actions are determined as having different qualities - green, yellow or red - which will each affect the chance of being pulled off successfully.

No details on how many players will be supported, whether Combat Zone will be released as a standalone box or individual models, or a potential price for the miniatures have been announced.

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone is being developed by Monster Fight Club, the studio that previously produced miniatures and scenery for the tabletop RPG - both of which are said to be included in the skirmish game. The game is due to release next year.

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