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Dinosaur Island spin-off Rawr ‘n Write is rolling onto Kickstarter later this month

Alongside Dinosaur World.

Dinosaur Island, the board game series about building prehistoric amusement parks, is getting a dice-drafting spin-off called Rawr ‘n Write.

The Dinosaur Island series presents a world in which prehistoric creatures have been brought back from extinction with the sole purpose of entertaining scores of guests. (It’s Jurassic Park, basically.) Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write continues this tradition by challenging its players to create their very own theme parks populated by dinosaurs, but this time they’re rolling dice to do it.

In the upcoming board game, two to four players must use their dice to hire specialists, recreate classic dinosaur species and construct an impressive amusement park designed to amaze its guests.

Each turn, players select which dice they want to roll - with the different types of die displaying a different combination of symbols - before rolling them and assigning them to complete various tasks. Every die represents a worker within the player’s park who can help to progress each of their projects, so choosing which die to assign to what task is crucial to the success of their prehistoric venture

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Another challenge in Rawr ‘n Write is deciding where to place the attractions players build and the dinosaurs they create, as there is limited space available for each player to utilise. There are bonus points up for grabs for players who successfully build roads throughout their park and connect these to exit routes.

But entertainment isn’t everything. The consequences of neglecting visitor safety can be nasty, so ensuring that your dinosaurs are locked up and that guests have somewhere to run is also important. Whichever player collects the most points by the end of Rawr ‘n’ Write becomes the winner.

Rawr ‘n Write was designed by Brian Lewis - co-creator of the original Dinosaur Island - Marissa Misura and David McGregor, all of whom helped to create upcoming sequel Dinosaur World.

Pandasaurus Games is the publisher behind the Dinosaur Island series, including two-player spin-off game Duelosaur Island, alongside other titles such as Machi Koro and beloved roll-and-write game Qwinto.

Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write is set to be launched on Kickstarter on September 22nd, alongside Dinosaur World. Pledge amounts for both games are yet to be confirmed.

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