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Jurassic Park-inspired board game Dinosaur Island evolves with a sequel called Dinosaur World

Hold onto your boards.

Construct a park packed with prehistoric creatures and prepare to protect your visitors in Dinosaur World, the sequel to Jurassic Park-inspired board game Dinosaur Island.

Thanks to advances in science and technology, resurrecting dinosaurs is now a piece of cake, and crowds of tourists are enjoying the wonders of dino amusements around the world. As ambitious park developers, players in the upcoming board game Dinosaur World dream of building and running their own prehistoric attractions, as long as the visitors stay undigested long enough for the park to remain open.

With DNA to collect, dinosaurs to create, buildings to construct, workers to hire and enclosures to admire, the two to four players participating will have their work cut out for them in Dinosaur World.

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The first step players take in the game is drafting a résumé card to bring in new workers to their park, which they can then use to perform various actions in order to bring their amusement business to life. Initial actions include acquiring the DNA to create an ecosystem of dinosaurs, and constructing the enclosures needed to house them - alongside other buildings designed to please the impending hordes of park visitors.

Once players have finished the construction of their parks, they’re then free to improve them wherever they see fit, attracting even more visitors and wowing their guests with exciting new exhibits. Most importantly, players will have to ensure the safety of their visitors, as they will lose points if too many of their guests are tragically eaten by dinosaurs.

Whichever player holds the most points by the end of the game, is named the winner of Dinosaur World.

The first entry in the Dinosaur Island series saw players meticulously gathering the right DNA sequences and arranging them in such a way as to grant them the ability to create prehistoric life. By collecting matching blocks and assigning their workers, players competed to resurrect the best dinosaurs and build the most exciting park possible - in order to gain the most victory points.

Dinosaur World was designed by Brian Lewis - co-creator of the original Dinosaur Island and its expansion, Totally Liquid - Marissa Misura and David McGregor, who both co-created the unconventional dungeon-crawler game Fungeon Party.

Pandasaurus Games is the publisher behind Dinosaur World and is best known for releasing titles such as the family board game Machi Koro, roll-and-write series Qwinto and the post-apocalyptic survival game Wasteland Express Delivery Service.

The Kickstarter campaign for Dinosaur World will be launching on September 22nd, with a core pledge amount yet to be confirmed.

Edit: This article previously referred to Dinosaur Island as Dinosaur Planet. This has been corrected.

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