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Disney Villains is the latest spin on the classic Werewolves formula

Set to be released next month.

A Disney themed version of Werewolves, featuring villains from the House of Mouse, is plotting to arrive on store shelves early next month.

Teased via an Instagram post from Asmodee USA - a board game company that owns several publishers including Fantasy Flight Games, the studio behind the Arkham Horror Files series, and Ticket to Ride publisher Days of Wonder - Disney Villains will contain a rogue’s gallery of nefarious characters that have schemed and planned the downfall of heroes throughout the studio’s history.

Whilst the Instagram post revealed very little about the upcoming board game, besides its name and the fact that it will apparently be “ferociously amazing!”, a page on the Asmodee UK website lists the title as being “Werewolves - Disney Villains”. Both the text included with the Instagram post and this title seem to indicate that Disney Villains will be a version of the social deduction game, but potentially with popular villainous characters as playable roles - instead of the usual werewolves and monsters. It is yet to be confirmed how far Disney Villains might deviate from the classic Werewolves formula, or whether the title will be a faithful version with just a change of theme.

Disney Villains is set to be released by Zygomatic, a publisher that’s responsible for releasing an existing version of Werewolves called The Werewolves of Miller’s Hollow (pictured), the kids board game Classic Dobble - otherwise known as Spot It! in the US - as well as the time-travelling card game Timeline: Inventions and the children’s puzzle game Get Packing.

Another board game featuring the baddies of Disney is Disney Villainous, an asymmetric game - meaning that players have different abilities and goals depending on which character they’re playing as - featuring a roster of classic antagonists from the studio’s history. In the game, players are competing against one another to decide who is the evilest villain of them all, with each Disney villain having their own victory conditions to fulfill.

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On a player’s turn they have the option to move to a different part of their individual board and perform any of the actions listed on their chosen space - which could include playing a card, vanquishing a hero card or drawing a card from their deck. Players can also force their opponents to take a Fate card, which could contain heroes that the targeted player will have to place on the board and deal with on their own turn. Whichever player completes their assigned objectives first is the winner of Disney Villainous.

Disney Villains is set to be released on August 8th at a retail price of £9.99 ($13). Dicebreaker has reached out to Asmodee for further details.

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