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Kids on Brooms RPG ditches collaboration in favour of spell-slinging in card game Duel of the Wands

Like fencing, but with more sparks.

Kids on Bikes publisher Renegade Games will pit players against each other in Duel of the Wands, a competitive card game for two players set in the magical school universe of the Kids on Brooms RPG.

While details are slim at the moment, the announcement page describes a match wherein both players use their arsenal, represented by cards, to gradually weaken their opponent’s psyche to the point of disarming or incapacitating them. The duel will span multiple rounds, and the loser will “have the opportunity to study and improve their spells” before once again squaring up, wand in hand.

Duel of the Wands will reportedly slot nicely into an ongoing Kids on Brooms campaign as a side activity or way to characterise disputes between characters. Teens are a rowdy bunch without the addition of magical powers; it makes sense they would invent a formal system for duking it out.

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The card game is designed by Gothic Doctor’s Doug Levandowski and first-time designer Luke Muench. Heather Vaughan, who is working on Renegade’s upcoming The Snallygaster Situation: Kids on Bikes Board Game, will be illustrating.

Kids on Brooms takes the collaborative storytelling framework and teenaged focus of the Kids on Bikes RPG and provides a world where magic is real and they send you to school for it. Mystery and hijinks - including broom rides, potion brewing and skipping class - abound as players navigate the politics of secondary school armed with a wand.

Duel of the Wands is available to pre-order on Renegade’s site for $20 (£15) and plans for an official release in early 2021.

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