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Dungeons & Dragons rulebooks discounted in D&D Beyond Cyber Week sale

Including Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons.

Popular Dungeons & Dragons 5E rulebooks are available at a discounted price on the online roleplaying platform D&D Beyond.

Part of a Cyber Week sale, several sourcebooks for D&D 5E - including essentials such as the Player’s Handbook and the Dungeon Master’s Guide - are currently priced at a discount of 33% off the usual cost. Players and dungeon masters can get the tools they need to run and experience Dungeons & Dragons online, with each sourcebook on D&D Beyond coming with digital versions of all the content included in the physical copies.

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Besides the Player’s Handbook, which contains all the necessary rules players need to make their characters and learn how to play the game, and the Dungeon Master’s Guide, the D&D Beyond Cyber Week sale also features sourcebooks released in the last few months. Fizban’s Treasure of Dragons - a sourcebook that was published earlier this month - includes in-depth lore about D&D’s most famous monsters, as well as tools to help DMs to create encounters with the scaly beasts. Using Fizban’s Treasure of Dragons, players can create characters using a collection of new draconic ancestries, as well as new subclasses for monks and rangers and several unique spells and feats.

Another book included in the D&D Beyond Cyber Week sale is The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, a campaign for Dungeons & Dragons 5E set in the mysterious lands of the Feywilds. Beginning at a strange carnival run by Mister Witch and Mister Light, players soon find themselves venturing through a gate into another plane, one that holds many wonders and terrors. Throughout the adventure, players will be able to face-off against a variety of odd creatures, with the option to navigate dangerous encounters without combat. The Wild Beyond the Witchlight features two new playable species - the fairies and harengon, or humanoid rabbit people - alongside character backgrounds to choose from.

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D&D Beyond is an online platform that DMs and players can use when playing or planning games of Dungeons & Dragons 5E. When players purchase sourcebooks for the fantasy RPG on the website, they are able to access the content included in those sourcebooks when making their characters - such as certain species or feats - as well as use an interactive character sheet during their games. DM’s can load up maps from campaign books and stats for creatures featured therein, as well as build encounters using the content they have access to on the platform.

The D&D Beyond Cyber Sale is currently live until December 6th, with bundles featuring sourcebooks and campaign books also available.

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