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Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is currently the cheapest it’s been all year

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The Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is currently available on Amazon at the lowest price it’s been all year.

A package designed to help newfound D&D players get stuck into the fantasy roleplaying game, the D&D Essentials Kit is priced at £15.99 ($21) on Amazon. Compared to the beginning of 2021 when the title cost around £20 ($26), players can get their hands on the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit for less right now.

Included in the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit is a rulebook intended to help newer players and dungeons masters to get their heads around the tabletop RPG, as well as an adventure book containing a storyline that sees the player characters travelling to the famous Sword Coast to take on a fearsome white dragon that is terrorising the people of Phandalin. Also featured inside the Essentials Kit, are a collection of character sheets that players can use to create their own D&D characters, as well as several pre-generated ‘side-kick’ characters that players can choose from.

Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit layout

Other than the above, the Essentials Kit contains several components that will make playing Dungeons & Dragons a smoother experience, such as several handouts and accessories - such as cards for magic items or player order tracker cards - as well as a double-sided map, dungeon master’s screen and 11 polyhedral dice that the players and DMs can use throughout the campaign.

Dungeons & Dragons 5E is a roleplaying game that has players creating and controlling characters in a fantasy world that is narrated by a dungeon master. During the game, players can have their characters attempt to perform actions by rolling dice and adding the relevant modifiers to the total, with the result determining what happens in the story. As a party of adventurers, the player characters will be able to travel across the Forgotten Realms and beyond to seek quests, fight enemies and gather treasures, with the experience that player characters gather enabling them to level up and acquire more powerful spells and abilities.

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The latest adventure books and sourcebooks for D&D include the upcoming Strixhaven: Curriculum of Chaos - which is based on a Magic: The Gathering set that focuses on a magical school - that’s set to be released on December 7th, alongside Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, a campaign book inspired by the popular D&D actual play show, Critical Role, that will have players exploring the land of Marquet in response to a once sleeping ancient power stirring again.

It is not confirmed how long the Dungeons & Dragons Essentials Kit will be available at its current price on Amazon.

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