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Latest D&D sourcebook Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is discounted on Roll20

A hidden gem.

Get the latest sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons 5E, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, for a discounted price on Roll20.

Released just last week, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is currently available on the digital platform Roll20 for 40% off its usual asking price, with players and dungeon masters able to get the new sourcebook for $29.99 (£21).

Originally announced in a press event this summer, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons provides players and DMs with insight into perhaps the fantasy roleplaying game’s most famous creatures: dragons. Guided by the studious and powerful archmage, Fizban the Fabulous, readers will gain knowledge on the scaly behemoths, from the fearsome metallic dragons to the more bog-standard red ones. The new sourcebook also reintroduces the once-forgotten breed of gem dragons into the game.

Fizban's Treasury of Dragons artwork Roll20

Alongside specifics on the differing dragon species, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons features an explanation of how the imposing creatures fit into the lore of Dungeons & Dragons, from their involvement in the creation of the Forgotten Realms setting to every single other setting ever introduced into the series. Players and DM’s will be able to learn about the history behind the ancient dragon deities of the fantasy world, from Bahamut to Tiamat, and their role in the current timeline of D&D 5E.

Besides offering a comprehensive guide to dragons as a whole, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons also provides DMs with tips and tools to use whenever they want to implement a dragon into their one-shots or campaigns. Players will be able to create characters using three new draconic subspecies - chromatic, gem and metallic dragonborn - as well as imbue their characters with two additional subclasses: the way of the ascendent dragon for monks and a drakewarden for rangers.

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The Roll20 version of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons can be used within the online platform itself - which enables games masters to create and run their RPGs using a collection of online tools such as a map creator and virtual character sheets - to create characters, use new spells and feats, as well as put creatures found in the sourcebook directly into maps. There are also 16 maps included in the discounted Roll20 version of Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, alongside virtual tables that DMs can use to randomly generate their own dragons.

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is available at a discounted price on Roll20 until October 31st (Sunday), with the physical version of the sourcebook available at a retail price of around £30 ($41).

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