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Jeff Goldblum is going to be playing Dungeons & Dragons on an actual play podcast

Dice finds a way.

Jeff Goldblum
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Film star, comedian and jazz musician Jeff Goldblum has been cast in his newest role - a party member in an upcoming Dungeons & Dragons actual play podcast.

His first foray into the roleplaying game, Goldblum will be appearing on the Dark Dice podcast as Balmur, a elven sorcerer who is searching for his daughter’s missing locket. (Thanks Deadline.) The sorcerer class in Dungeons & Dragons 5E is best is known for allowing the player character to learn and cast a large catalogue of spells. What kind of arsenal Goldum will have access to is as yet unknown.

Goldblum - known for his roles in Jurassic Park, The Fly and Independence Day - will be joining the podcast for its second season, entitled The Long March, which will see a party of adventurers pursuing a quest for revenge, after their previous attempt at saving the world failed. The podcast will follow two separate teams - both containing player characters - as they clash against one another within the fantasy roleplaying game. All the while, Goldblum and his compatriots will be forced to avoid the notice of a terrifying being called The Silent One, who has the ability to steal the voice and face of anyone it targets.

Dark Dice is a horror themed actual play podcast that uses a full voice cast for its NPCs - rather than a dungeon master - and various sound effects in order to create an immersive experience for its players and listeners. The cast members, alongside other musicians, also provide a catalogue of original music for each episode of the podcast. It is not yet confirmed whether Goldblum will be producing music for the next season of Dark Dice.

This announcement follows a recent spate of celebrities playing D&D for various charity streams, such as the holiday themed Dungeons & Dragons adventure whose cast of characters were played by actors known for appearing on the Netflix series, Stranger Things. David Harbour (Jim Hopper), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson) and Natalie Dyer (Nancy Wheeler) teamed up for the stream as a party of adventurers determined to save Christmas.

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Last year, several British comedians - including the likes of ex-Bake off presenter Sue Perkins, Nish Kumar, Ed Gamble and Sara Pascoe - came together to film a Dungeons & Dragons playthrough in order to raise money for Comic Relief.

Goldblum’s premiere episode, Chapter 1B: Unavenged, will air on May 12th, with Dark Dice being available on various platforms such as Spotify and Stitcher, as well as the podcast website.

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