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Unmatched studio releases sci-fi themed card game Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars

Itching for that Iridium.

Gather the most resources possible on a dying alien planet in Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars, a board game from the studio behind the Unmatched series - Mondo Games.

Fate of Fantos is a card game for three to six players set on a far off planet that has been ravaged by people and beasts searching for a precious resource called Iridium. A space-themed board game, Fate of Fantos has players becoming rival citadels who each want to find favour with Zodraz, a “cosmic warden” who has sentenced the planet of Fantos to be cleared of life in favour of the most powerful citadel. Players will have to be cunning and careful if they want their chosen citadel to survive.

A tableau-building card game - meaning that players gather various cards to place in front of them and gain certain benefits from - Fate of Fantos sees players extending the influence of their citadel and growing their ability to harvest more Iridium. Throughout the game, players will draw and acquire new cards that will aid them in their struggle to obtain Iridium, such as acolyte cards. As the game progresses, Zodraz will unleash greater threats upon the planet, such as plagues and dangerous creatures, which players will need to protect their citadels against.

Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars cards

Mining for Iridium also has a price as it produces more pollution, which in turn, causes more troubles for the various citadels living on Fantos. At certain points in the game, players can choose to band together against Zodraz and the trails it unleashes upon the planet, including the various ways it seeks to sow dissent between the citadels. Otherwise, the players can decide to let their unfortunate rivals crumble beneath Zodraz’s deadly efforts.

Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars was co-designed by Travis Watkins and Darth Rimmer, the co-creators of the original version of Fate of Fantos, as well as the Disney themed board game Disney Shadowed Kingdom - a two-player co-op game that has players recruiting beloved Disney characters to save the Magic Kingdom.

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Besides Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars and the Unmatched series, Mondo Games is also responsible for releasing hidden role game The Thing: Infection at Outpost 31, based on the classic horror film directed by John Carpenter, and the quiet solo game A Gentle Rain.

Fate of Fantos: The Iridium Wars is available now at a retail price of $35 (£25).

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