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Mörk Borg supplement Fisk Borg introduces fishing mechanics to the doom metal RPG

Bait your hook with blood and misery.

Hold tight a torch in one hand and a tackle box in the other because Fisk Borg ,a recently announced supplement for dismal Swedish RPG Mörk Borg, allows players to cast their rods in, well… just about any pool of liquid and fight what bites their hook

Designed by Richard Kelly and Adam Vass of World Champ Game Co., Fisk Borg is a supplement that introduces honest to goodness fishing mechanics to an RPG known mostly for its blood-splashed gothic architecture and creature designs that evoke Cronenberg by way of a meat grinder.

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The supplement adapts the mechanics from Kelly’s previous angler-centric title Rod, Reel & Fist, which delivered a nearly 300-page sourcebook about saving a village through hooking a legendary creature capable of granting wishes. Fishing in that RPG worked via a "rock, paper, scissors, dice combat system that relies on clever resource management, reading your opponent, weighing risk versus reward, and knowing when to step back and let your teammates help,” according to Rod, Reel & Fist’s Itch.io page. How much of that survived the adaptation to Mörk Borg’s OSR-inspired base will be detailed by Kelly in a future update to the campaign.

Fisk Borg will contain a hellish aquarium’s worth of creatures for players to reel in and fight, along with items, magic variants, a Weary Angler character option and a “ghost pirate crew that imprints on solo fishers, helping them with their struggle.” That last sounds oddly endearing given the fictional circumstances, but one can’t be picky about friends when the world is crumbling beneath their feet.

Also included is the Gifts for Grendel adventure module that has been specifically designed to introduce fishing into existing campaigns, either as a protracted sidequest or as inspiration for locations, NPCs and creatures in a group’s main campaign. Gifts for Grendel can also be experienced on its own with brand new, salty characters.

Kelly has previously worked on nomadic vampire RPG The Dawnline and several smaller titles as an independent designer. Adam Vass is known for his work on weird and psychedelic Necronautilus and Babes in the Woods 2E, an RPG for anyone wanting to play their own version of the animated series Over the Garden Wall.

The Kickstarter campaign for Fisk Borg runs until June 11th, with backers able to secure a digital PDF or physical book for $9 and $20, respectively. Shipping is expected to begin in September of this year.

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