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Five Leagues From the Borderlands: Third Edition revitalises the dark fantasy miniatures game

Play to fight fey.

Reclaim land from monstrous beings in the newest edition of the dark fantasy miniatures game, Five Leagues From the Borderlands.

The Third Edition of the miniatures game sees players commanding their warband to enter into the shadowy lairs of sinister fey beings in order to take them out and gradually rescue their home from their clutches. With campaigns being procedurally generated, players can expect a fresh experience every time they play Five Leagues From the Borderlands 3E, with new foes to encounter and new locations to explore - from enemy war-camps to underground caverns.

A solo game - or co-op title, should players have a friend to team up with - each campaign takes place over multiple stages. The first phase of a campaign in Five Leagues From the Borderlands 3E sees players preparing their warband in a local town containing shops to repair equipment in, places to go hunting for resources and people to talk to. Once the warband is ready, they’ll embark on the adventuring phase wherein they’ll travel across the game map in order to discover monsters to fight and locations to liberate.

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Once players have either successfully defeated their foes or failed in their endeavours, they’ll enter the final stage of the campaign by determining the outcome of their adventures - if their units were injured, if they acquired new experience and whether their enemies have taken to plotting against them.

Despite being a fantasy-themed game, Five Leagues From the Borderlands 3E is a figure agnostic miniatures title, meaning that players are free to use whichever 12 to 15 figures they want to experience the game.

Five Leagues From the Borderlands: Third Edition was created by Ivan Sorensen, the designer behind the original version of the miniatures game and the science fiction themed Five Parsecs From Home, which was released earlier this year.

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Modiphius is the publishing company responsible for releasing Five Leagues From the Borderlands: Third Edition - alongside Five Parsecs From Home - and is otherwise best known for launching various tabletop roleplaying games such as this year’s Dune: Adventures in the Imperium and the Dishonored RPG adaptation.

Five Leagues From the Borderlands: Third Edition is yet to receive a release date or retail release price.

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