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Sci-fi solo wargaming adventure Five Parsecs From Home welcomes both green and veteran crews

Solo, a miniatures story.

Strap your miniatures to a rocket and light the ignition because an updated version of Five Parsecs From Home will be launching in May, providing a solo skirmish wargame outside of the traditional fantasy flair.

Published by Modiphius, Five Parsecs From Home tells the story of a crew of space-faring contract jobbers simply trying to survive to the next pay day. The player takes on the role of their leader, gathering other desperate and hungry individuals willing to earn a meal with the barrel of a laser rifle.

The sourcebook details a system for procedurally generating battles to ensure that every scrape delivers a new wrinkle or combination of foes not yet seen in the course of a campaign. Players are encouraged to use whatever miniatures and terrain they have on hand - as long as it fits on the table, it’s compatible. Earlier missions will reportedly only need a handful of figurines, so those players with a fledgling collection can still crack open the book and start adventuring.

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Outside of battle, crews will need to manage their health and resources to keep everyone healthy and willing to continue. That said, death is a trigger squeeze away - players will sometimes need to scout potential fresh faces from the colonies and settlements throughout known space. Exploration will also play a key role in discovering rare and perhaps valuable loot, along with information about the wider universe humanity inhabits.

Those crews looking to secure constant work can sniff out a patron, someone wealthy enough to start a payroll and conniving enough to use mercenaries to achieve their goals. Be prepared to leave any morals at the airlock - patrons might expect their foot soldiers to shoot first and ask questions never.

Five Parsecs From Home is a new edition of the well regarded title originally designed by Ivan Sorensen of Nordic Weasel Games - the studio developed a host of solo skirmish games such as Five Leagues From the Borderlands and Chevauchee. This printing contains a full art and layout update, along with new content that expands several key systems.

Players will be able to create robotic characters, expand their starships with new tech modules, test their mettle by accepting Black and Red Zone jobs and experience a 7-stage narrative campaign published in the book. Tools for creating connective tissue between scenarios allow players to craft their own campaigns, as well.

Modiphius has expanded its wargaming portfolio in recent years - the publisher is responsible for the dour, low fantasy Rangers of Shadow Deep and both Fallout: Wasteland Warfare and Elder Scrolls: Call to Arms. It also revealed Dune: Adventures in the Imperium last year, delivering a tabletop RPG setting in line with the upcoming film adaptation of Frank Herbert’s classic book series.

Preorders for Five Parsecs From Home are now open, with the first print run expected to ship in May of this year. Those who purchase it through Modiphius’ site will be able to download a digital copy of the sourcebook, immediately.

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