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Decrypto studio reveals its newest board game will feature case-solving for kids

Fancy a Flashback?

The next entry in the Zombie Kidz series – which is published by the studio behind Decrypto, Scorpion Masque – will involve investigation.

Flashback: Zombie Kidz is the latest release in the board game series for children and will have players examining various scenarios in search of clues. As investigators, players will be examining a number of cases by hunting for details in a deck of cards featuring illustrations containing key pieces of information important to the story. As players move between different characters’ points of view, they’ll be presented with a fresh angle that may provide new insight into the current case.

An image of the components for Flashback: Zombie Kidz.

As a group, players in the upcoming board game will explore three important memories through the eyes of various kids, zombies, animals and even objects, looking for the solution to every case. Each playthrough of Flashback will be unique depending on which tools players use, with the goal being to discover and thwart the zombies’ plans in order to save the future.

Flashback: Zombie Kidz was co-designed by Baptiste Derrez and Marc-Antoine Doyon, with this being the co-creators' debut design. Apart from Decrypto and Flashback: Zombie Kidz, Scorpion Masque is responsible for releasing the other entries in the Zombie Kidz series – including the legacy board game Zombie Kidz Evolution, which enables children to experience a campaign game where they can permanently alter aspects of it – and the tile-sliding game Flash 8.

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The Zombie Kidz series began with the release of the original zombie board game in 2013, which has players working together to save the neighbourhood from the threat of the undead. As local kids, players will need to eliminate zombies, lock doors and prevent the zombies from getting out of the cemetery. The series’ follow-up, Zombie Kidz Evolution, saw players making their way through a school, barricading doors and taking out the undead before they can infiltrate their classrooms.

A prequel introductory case for Flashback: Zombie Kidz is available to play for free online, right now, with the full board game set to arrive in November for a retail price of $30 (£25).

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