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Begin playing competitive Flesh and Blood immediately with its newest preconstructed deck, Armory Deck: Kayo

Swing into action.

Artwork of Flesh and Blood - Armory Deck: Kayo.
Image credit: Legendary Story Studios

A new preconstructed deck will enable players to begin competing in Flesh and Blood tournaments right away.

Flesh and Blood is a trading card game that has players taking control of a fantasy hero in order to defeat their opponent in one-to-one combat. In the game, players use their respective to deal damage to the opposing hero, all whilst ensuring that their own hero is defended through the use of equipment and reactions.

Unlike many other trading card games such as Magic: The Gathering and Disney Lorcana, Flesh and Blood isn’t focused around playing creatures or minions on the battlefield. Instead, players are more directly controlling their chosen hero - playing cards that represent the hero’s actions and equipment.

An image of Flesh and Blood - Armory Deck: Kayo.
Image credit: Legendary Story Studios

Players will be able to play cards that list ‘action’ by spending their action points. The number of action points at a player’s disposal is determined by their hero’s intelligence and other factors, such as whether the previous card they’ve played will allow them to ‘go again’. Other cards require players to spend resources, which they can gain by putting cards into their pitch zone.

Attacking opponents requires that players use their cards to deal damage, with the opposing player deciding which cards to use to help defend themselves. The amount of damage dealt in an attack is reduced by how much defence the receiving player spent. Whichever player reduces the opposing hero’s health to zero first is the winner.

Flesh and Blood Armory Events are casual competitive games that take place at a local level, often in selected local game stores, wherein players can potentially win prizes and get closer to the pro-play circuit where they could win around $1.5 million. The upcoming Flesh and Blood - Armory Deck: Kayo, is one in a series of preconstructed decks, meaning that players can begin using the deck immediately without having to build one themselves.

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The deck will feature a new hero, as well as both brand-new and existing Flesh and Blood cards, and will be the first of a series of preconstructed decks designed to allow players to jump straight into competitive play.

The Flesh and Blood - Armory Deck: Kayo is set to be published by Legendary Story Studios, the company responsible for creating and releasing the trading card game, on May 3rd only at local participating game stores.

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