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Flesh and Blood TCG packs its 2024 calendar with two international events and new set Heavy Hitters

Heavy Hitters will get a first look at its first organised play event of the year in Aotearoa

Flesh and Blood Heavy Hitters expansion for the trading card game, slated for February 2024
Image credit: Legend Story Studios

Flesh and Blood may not share much of the limelight afforded to the biggest names in trading card games, but that isn’t stopping it from cramming the first part of 2024 with expansion set release dates and international events in both Aotearoa and the US.

Publisher Legend Story Studios recently announced that Flesh and Blood would kick off the new year with a Celebrational in Queenstown, Aotearoa on January 19th. This portion will be invite-only and offer several different Flesh and Blood formats (such as their recently released Round the Table, which evokes Magic: The Gathering’s Commander).

The Celebrational will end with a public Gathering event that runs through the 21st and invites all players to come take part in matches. Legend Story Studios will also take advantage of 2024’s first organised date to unveil details about its upcoming expansion set, Heavy Hitters.

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Heavy Hitters will be the first set released for the quietly chugging TCG that will celebrate its 5th anniversary next year. An announcement post on the publisher’s website shows off a sand-blasted coliseum filled with spectators, which is paired with the flavour text “Gold and glory is yours for the taking… If you survive the Deathmatch!”

Heavy Hitters won’t hit retail shelves until February 2nd, 2024, but attendees of the Queenstown Calling can get their hands on some booster packs ahead of most other players. Winners of the organised play event will take home their part of a $20,000 prize pool, while the Team Sealed Battle Hardened event will fight over a $3,000 prize share.

Flesh and Blood’s competitive scene will fly to Los Angeles, California on March 21st for the first stop on the 2024 Organised Play Circuit. Running through March 24th, this pro tour event will invite over 1,000 players to take part in several rounds of different competitive matches, from Classic Constructed to limited booster pack drafting. Aspirants will fight over their share of a $200,000 prize pool and the title of Pro Tour Champion.

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