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Magic: The Gathering TCG rival Flesh and Blood’s next set is Japan-inspired Part the Mistveil, out this May

Expansion will introduce “long-awaited” talent “unlike anything players have seen before”.

Image credit: Legend Story Studios

Burgeoning Magic: The Gathering rival Flesh and Blood has announced the next set for the trading card game. Flesh and Blood’s 13th expansion will be Part the Mistveil, a set aimed at paying tribute to Japan that will add a new talent said to be “unlike anything players have seen before”.

Part the Mistveil is set in the region of Misteria, a secretive and mysterious ancient valley described as having the influence to transform mind, body and soul through its long-held traditions, desire and purpose. The set is said by publisher Legend Story Studios to be an effort to “honour the Japanese community”, with the expansion marking the first time that Flesh and Blood cards will be available natively in the Japanese language, launching alongside English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

The upcoming set will introduce a new talent, an element of hero cards that reflects their place in the game’s lore and world; introduced in 2021’s Monarch set, talents only appear on cards and characters originating from their respective associated region in the TCG’s setting of Rathe. In the case of the talent due to be added in Part the Mistveil, Legend Story said that it would be a “long-awaited” talent “unlike anything players have seen before”.

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“From the thirteen booster sets we have released since 2019, as the creator and lead designer of the game, Part the Mistveil is the one I am most proud of,” said Legend Story’s founder and CEO James White.

“After years of planning, we’re incredibly excited to officially bring Flesh and Blood to the motherland of the TCG industry, marking a massive milestone for Legend Story Studios and the status of Flesh and Blood as a truly global game.”

Part the Mistveil is due to release on May 31st. Ahead of the launch, more details will be teased on March 21st during Flesh and Blood’s Pro Tour tournament in LA, before the set sees a world premiere event in Tokyo on May 17th.

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