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The designer behind Pandemic has a new entry in their other co-op board game series

Jungle japes.

Matt Leacock, the creator of Pandemic, has made another co-op board game.

Forbidden Jungle is the latest entry in the designer’s ‘Forbidden series’ of co-op games for families and younger players. (Thanks BoardGameGeek.) The fourth entry in the series – following Forbidden Island, Forbidden Desert and Forbidden Sky – the upcoming board game will see players venturing into a deep jungle after crash-landing on a mysterious planet.

Though each of the entries in the ‘Forbidden series’ stand on their own, they all share similar gameplay mechanics – such as tile manipulation and searching for certain items - and the theme of needing to escape a dangerous location. In the case of the newest co-op board game in the franchise, players will be looking to work together to find a way out of the intergalactic jungle and off the planet.

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In the game, players will be searching the ruins of an abandoned outpost on the planet in order to find the whereabouts of a portal that will hopefully send them home. However, the players will need to avoid an amassing horde of venomous creatures native to the planet, all of whom are circling around the escapees in the hopes of a meal. On top of that, the group in Forbidden Jungle will also have to watch out for the gradually collapsing buildings they’ll be navigating through to discover the portal’s location.

Besides finding the portal, the players will be tasked with moving the tiles making up the abandoned outpost in order to power the portal up enough to take them home. The components for Forbidden Jungle include a collection of alien eggs, hatchlings and fully grown extraterrestrial, who are presumably the creatures out for the player characters’ blood.

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Apart from designing Forbidden Jungle and Pandemic, Leacock is also responsible for co-creating the legacy board game Pandemic Legacy: Season One, as well as the upcoming Daybreak: a board game about attempting to manage the effects of climate change and adapt to make humanity kinder to the environment.

Forbidden Jungle is set to be published by Gamewright, the studio behind the other entries in the ‘Forbidden series’ and the card-drafting board game Sushi Go! and Sushi Go!: Party.

There is yet to be a confirmed release date or retail price for Forbidden Jungle, with the player-count for the game being set at two to five people and the playtime estimated at around 45 minutes.

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