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Survive a brutal campaign for Mörk Borg inspired miniatures game

Prepare to be boned.

Attempt to survive the brutality of Forbidden Psalm: Regicide, a campaign for the miniatures game inspired by tabletop RPG Mörk Borg.

Designed for the miniatures agnostic game - meaning that players are free to use whatever miniatures they have to hand - Forbidden Psalm, Regicide is a campaign that focuses upon the conquest of The Forgotten King, a skeletal monarch whose hunger for renown feeds his marching armies of undead. As a warband of stragglers, the players control the only people left to stand against The Forgotten King’s skeleton soldiers, as long as they can put their own differences aside and band together.

With the incoming threat of necromantic hordes, the famine spread by The Forgotten King and the dwindling food supplies growing ever more scarce, things are looking pretty desperate for the players’ warbands. Whilst the skeletal armies under the control of their enemy don’t need food to sustain themselves, the remaining humans do - meaning that players need to keep their people fed somehow. Along their journeys, the players will sometimes attract ‘useless mouths’ who will join their warbands for protection and food, but cannot fight alongside the others, forcing players to keep them alive or watch them perish.

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As the players’ warbands travel from location to location, they have a chance to come across random events that can prove both beneficial or dangerous. Scenarios involving the undead armies of The Forgotten King - as well as any victims who happen to have a grudge against the warbands - will have players moving their miniatures across a battlefield, attacking enemies and taking cover. Should any of their miniatures fall under the undead state, then players will need to be wary of what can occur when a once-ally comes back to life.

In Regicide, players can choose to either work together in a co-op game mode, or against one another as rival warbands who want all the remaining resources and the glory to themselves - the miniatures campaign can also be played solo. Across the entire campaign, players will witness their warbands either withstanding the dreadful might of The Forgotten King, or will otherwise fall to their enemies’ swords or their own hunger.

Forbidden Psalm: Regicide was created by Rinaldo Agostini, a game designer who has previously released several expansions for the RPG Mörk Borg such as Grave Matters - an expansion themed around the undead - and a dungeon expansion called Black Stump.

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The original Forbidden Psalm game was created by Kevin Rahman and is entirely compatible with Mörk Borg, with players able to use the rules for the miniatures game with a playthrough of the RPG or the other way around. In Forbidden Psalm, players use a collection of their own miniatures to complete a campaign made up of eight sessions, mixing and matching whichever weapons, spells, flaws and feats from Mörk Borg or Forbidden Psalm as they please.

The Kickstarter campaign for Forbidden Psalm: Regicide is live until February 5th, with a pledge of €16 (£14/$18) getting bakers a physical copy of the rulebook in August. Otherwise, a digital version of the book is available for a pledge of €7 (£6/$7).

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