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Rhino Hero-like dexterity game involves stacking frogs on logs

A ribbet-ing experience.

Stack frogs on top of logs in an upcoming board game that requires excellent dexterity.

Frog Logs is a dexterity board game that works similarly to the card game for kids, Rhino Hero. In the game – which is designed to support one to four players – Players attempt to stack their collection of frog cards on top on a series of logs without their card constructions failing down. Similarly to the aforementioned Rhino Hero, players will be placing folded cards atop one another in order to create their frog stacks, with the aim of forming structurally sound towers of cards.

At the start of the game, players assemble the logs by placing the board game box face down, before putting the log cards provided on top. Whichever player last saw a frog is named the first player and begins by placing one of their frog cards feet down anywhere on the log cards, not anywhere else. The next player then takes their turn by taking a frog card and arranging it so that the feet end is touching the log and the other frog.

An image of the Frog Logs game being played.

Play then continues, with each person needing to place a frog so that it touches at least one other existing frog card on its top folded ridge, with the option for it to touch the log as well. Successfully stacking a frog card – without any other frog cards already on the log falling over – awards the active player a point, with those points standing regardless of what may happen to that frog card in future turns. Should a player ever cause any frog cards to fall, then they are forced to discard their frog card to the Lilypad placed to the side of the log. Any frogs that fall off the log are returned to the players that placed them.

Any player that runs out of frog cards to play due to falls is considered ‘outfrogged’ and is eliminated from the game. Once the final player successfully places their last frog card, the dexterity game ends and players count their points – whichever player acquired the most points is named the winner and is gifted a “ribbit” from their opponents.

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Frog Logs was co-created by Jack Ford Morgan, a designer from Guildmaster Games whose previous tabletop titles include Trust Me I’m a Doctor – a card game in which players create their own medieval cures by combing cards – and the anthromorphic animal conquest game Animal Empire.

The Kickstarter campaign for Frog Logs is live until June 30th, with a pledge of AU$ 29 (£17/$20) getting backers a copy of the physical game in August. Alternatively, there is a print-and-play version of the game available for a pledge of AU$ 5 (£3/$3).

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