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Galaxy Trucker reprint is getting a ‘best of’ board game expansion

Featuring past favourites.

Galaxy Trucker, which received a reprint this summer, is reportedly getting an expansion containing a collection of previously released expansions.

A representative from Czech Games Edition - the publisher responsible for Galaxy Trucker and its recent reprint containing new art from Tomáš Kučerovský - told Dicebreaker at Essen Spiel 2021, where the latest edition of the space-themed board game was being demoed, that a new expansion for Galaxy Trucker is currently in the works. The concept behind the upcoming expansion will be a ‘best of’ collection featuring some of the most popular expansions released for Galaxy Trucker in a single box.

Czech Games Edition did not confirm which expansions will be included in the upcoming release, with this being the first physical expansion launched for the latest edition of Galaxy Trucker - with a digital only mini-expansion based on a previously released title, called Galaxy Trucker: Rough Roads Mini-Expansion, being made available online for free.

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Previous expansions released in the Galaxy Trucker series include Galaxy Trucker: The Big Expansion, a collection of “mix-and-match components” that players are able to add into their games to do things like increase the player count or interact with a new alien species, as well as Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion that introduced additional tiles and a new support team that players could hire for their intergalactic courier business.

The original Galaxy Trucker - which was released in 2007 - sees players managing their own transport business operating in the depths of space. By constructing and eventually upgrading their spaceships, players are able to embark on various jobs across the galaxy being sure to avoid dangers such as pirates, meteor showers and aggressive alien species. Whoever collects the most money by the end of the game is the winner.

Besides the new artwork, this year’s reprint of the board game included new components - such as ship tiles - and improved versions of older tokens. The gameplay for Galaxy Trucker was also streamlined in the 2021 reprint to speed up the pace of the game to allow players to complete flights across space before the end, as well as make the title more accessible for newer players.

Galaxy Trucker re-release layout

Both the original Galaxy Trucker and the reprint were designed by Vlaada Chvátil, the creator behind party board game Codenames, alongside its many spin-off titles such as Codenames: Duet and Codenames: Pictures, and the fantasy-themed title Mage Knight.

Apart from Galaxy Trucker, Czech Games Edition is best known for publishing the Codenames series, as well as Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization and the deckbuilding board game Lost Ruins of Arnak.

There is currently no confirmed release date or official name for the new Galaxy Trucker expansion. Dicebreaker has reached out to Czech Games Edition for further comment.

Update: Czech Games Edition responded to Dicebreaker's inquiry regarding a new expansion for Galaxy Trucker - "the new edition of Galaxy Trucker -- while are planning to release expansion content for GT, we don't have specific details on what any upcoming expansions will include or how they'll be packaged just yet. Stay tuned!"

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