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This cute card-drafting game is like Sushi Go! but for breakfast lovers

It’s egg-cellent fun.

Find the right cards to create the perfect first meal of the day in Grab Your Breakfast, an adorable card game that’s similar to Sushi Go!.

An upcoming board game, Grab Your Breakfast has players attempting to collect matching cards in order to score points to make a delicious dining experience. Featuring artwork of cute versions of classic breakfast menu items such as toast, coffee and fried eggs, Grab Your Breakfast bears similarities to card drafting games such as Sushi Go! - which also features adorable food artwork.

Designed to support two to four players, Grab Your Breakfast is a card game for kids that’s intended to encourage bonding time between families by providing an accessible tabletop title for everyone. The game features a collection of hand cards – which players will draw into their hands – and tile cards which will be laid out in a five by five grid at the start of the game.

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Each player will begin the game by receiving two cards into their hand, which they will need to use in order to build up combos with other cards. In a similar fashion to the aforementioned Sushi Go!, players earn points by collecting several cards of the same set. However, some sets of cards are worth more points than others, leading to the potential for players to compete over collecting the more valuable ones. Players will be able to pick up tile cards that match any cards in their hand, enabling them to build up a combination of matching cards throughout the game.

If players do not have any cards matching existing tile cards on the table, they can choose to discard and draw from the deck on their go. Some tile cards will feature bonus points that players receive on top of any points they get from collecting sets. The game ends once all the tile cards have been taken from the table, with the player holding the most points being the winner.

Grab Your Breakfast will be co-published by Ameba and Cargo Studio, with the game having been created by Ameba founder Ming Liang Lim and featuring artwork from Ameba’s Eliza and Jesmin.

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Sushi Go! is a card drafting game designed by Phil Walker-Harding that has players competing to acquire the most points possible through card collection. Throughout the game, players will simultaneously pass their hand of cards to the person on their left and choose one card to keep. Gathering certain types and amounts of cards will win players points at the end of each round, whilst having or not having particular cards will lose players points.

The Kickstarter campaign for Grab Your Breakfast is live until May 26th, with a pledge of S$18 ($12/£11) will get players a copy of the game in August.

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