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Hickory Dickory board game is giving off serious Moss vibes

House of mouse.

A new board game about adventuring mice has several similarities to the VR video game Moss.

In Hickory Dickory, players take control of a collection of brave mice journeying through a fantasy environment in search of various items and treasures. Similar to the 2018 video game Moss, which has players taking control of an adorable mouse character as they embark on an adventure through a series of oversized environments, Hickory Dickory sees players becoming adventurous mice who must navigate through across a wonderous environment on their own quests.

At the request of Lord Cuckoo, the players will be looking for treasures and valuables to present in a royal scavenger hunt, with the mouse who offers up the most impressive find being honoured. The game’s board depicts a magnificent cuckoo clock that the mice will be running around in search of the items they’re seeking, with the opportunity to ride the enormous hands of the clock towards their desired item.

An image of the components for Hickory Dickory board game.

The start of the upcoming board game will see players receiving a hunt card depicting the item that they’ll need to find. Across the cuckoo clock board, will be item tiles that match the hunt cards which players will need to grab in order to score victory points. Players only have a limited amount of time to find their required items, with the stroke of twelve signaling an end to the scavenger hunt and the presentation of treasures.

Along the way, players will be able to perform actions in the worker-placement game that can help them to gain additional victory points before the end, using their team of mice to trigger these actions and gather up more item tiles. Whichever player has the most victory points by the end of the game becomes the winner.

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Hickory Dickory is set to be published by Plaid Hat Games, the company behind two-player card game Summoner Wars: Second Edition, several narrative-driven co-op board games such as the pirate-themed Forgotten Waters and Familiar Tales – which was created by Mice and Mystics designer Jerry Hawthorne – and horror game Abomination: The Heir of Frankenstein. The designer of Hickory Dickory is Sawyer West.

The release date for Hickory Dickory is set for some time later this year, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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