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SPONSORED: A mouse-sized scavenger hunt on a moving clock face! We get a first look at new board game Hickory Dickory

A board game fit for a fairytale king.

This video and article are sponsored by Plaid Hat Games and Hickory Dickory. Find out more and buy the game on the Hickory Dickory website.

For anyone that loved the mouse adventures in Redwall, who’s always had a soft spot for fairy tales or finds themselves on the cottagecore tag of TikTok more than anywhere else, we have got the perfect game preview for you.

I sat down with Nikki Shults from Plaid Hat Games during PAX Unplugged to check out the studio’s new title Hickory Dickory. This is a worker-placement game where you each play a team of small mice invited to join King Cuckoo’s royal scavenger hunt. The catch? His kingdom is a clock!

You and your whiskered companions must scuttle around the clock face to complete tasks, find various prizes - such as rolls of thread and buttons - and gather as many berries as you can to win. Because when you’re a little critter berries are victory points, of course.

To get around you hop onto the clock hands and spin across the board to reach different times and therefore different places. But be warned: after a while the noise will attract a house cat to your game whose pesky paws will poke onto the board and stop you in your tracks. So make sure to use your mouse brain to strategise and focus on the berries.

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